Monday, October 03, 2011

Ayam Penyet Ria re-visited

My goodness, this and the next few entries are just soo long overdue!
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As always, it all stem from the oft-repeated (and dreaded) question: "What's for lunch?"

Someone mentioned 'Ayam penyet' and it's a toss between the mediocre offering at a nearby coffee shop and Waroeng Penyet at Marine Parade.

I realize that Ayam Penyet Ria at Bedok Point not only serves better food, it's pretty near too.

Our drinks

Es Chendol, Happy Soda (Bandung w/ soda), Ice-Lemon tea & Lava Boy.

The weather that day was pretty warm you see. Hence all the iced drinks.

Lava Boy

Similar to the 'Lava Girl' I had when I was here previously. Just different gender syrup flavor. This blue one is obviously blueberry with the 'tadpole' jellies & canned longans.

At the end of the meal, I end up regretting this drink order. As we know, tangy/sour drinks tend to crank up the effect of the heat from spicy foods; on our tongue.

As I went a lil' overboard with the 'sambal', I seek some solace from my Lava Boy, only to have my tongue burn even more intensely :'P

No wonder they were having a promo on Dutch Lady milk that time! At first, I don't see how milk and Ayam Penyet go hand-in-hand. Only as I left the restaurant do I realize, that is the very thing I need to help subside the effect from those chillies.

(I need to barge in and apologize if I seem to be blogging in American-English because I'm using my phone and the auto-correct is on)

Sup Bakso w/ Bihun

Beefball soup with rice vermicelli. Ordered by two of my colleagues who seem to seek something light and/or soupy.

Boneless Chicken penyet

My order. I want the chicken but don't bother with the hassle of picking the meat off them bones.

I can't say just how much I enjoy the nicely spiced batter and those crumbs. Which also goes well with the slab of fried tofu & tempe.

I took an extra helping of the sambal from the condiment counter and also poured on the sweet soy sauce. I enjoyed it so much that I took yet another portion.

Of course the heat didn't really build up until the end of the meal, when my lips numbed up and my stomach started sizzling. Oh, that lasted till' the next day, I tell ya!

Ayam penyet

Another colleague's order. Our designated driver. The one who suggested 'ayam penyet' for lunch.

He walked out of the restaurant really pleased, as he exclaimed, "That must be one of the best Ayam Penyet ever!"

Do you agree with him?

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