Saturday, September 17, 2011

Arnold's Spring chicken rawks!

For some time after Hari Raya, I have set a "No Malay Food" policy for lunch just because I was so sick and tired of those foods that are we're typically served with during house visits.

After much pondering, my Chinese male colleague eventually suggested Arnold's. He missed eating there because he got no 'kaki' to accompany him there while we were fasting during Ramadhan.

As always, we have to take a number at the entrance and wait until it was called before we can enter the restaurant. We also have to make our order there. I planned on getting the 2-piece chicken set and wonder if they allow me to choose wings but my colleague remarked, "Why don't you get the 1/2 spring chicken set? All the chicken parts will be there, anyway. Plus, it's cheaper."

I took a look at the price. Boy, he sure is right. But I was wondering why such a big portion (or so I thought) cost much lesser than the 2 separate chicken parts? The 2-piece set is $6.40 while the 1/2 spring chicken set is merely $5.90.

Half spring chicken set

When this arrived, I can finally figure out why. The bird as a whole is definitely smaller that the ones used for the regular chicken parts. Most likely, younger chicken, too?

Anyway, there's lesser meat (yet it's juicy) and the skin is thinner (and crispier!). The gorgeous batter (with an obvious garlic accent) coating the spring chicken has delightfully crunchy bits where the ribs are (my favourite part). The chicken was halved evenly, even down to the parson's nose.

Potato platter ~ $6.20

One colleague only want the thin chips. Another prefer the waffle fries. I like the wedges. Best solution has gotta be this platter that has a bit of everything. Plus some cheese dip to boot.

Served REALLY hot (learnt it the painful way).. this easily transport you to potato haven. Yumz.

Squid rings ~ $4.70

Just a random buy that's suggested by a colleague. It turns out to be surprisingly decent (honestly, I didn't expect much). Squid meat was delightfully tender. Batter was a tad greasy, though.

PS: Arnold's seem to have changed their policy. You are to make your payments upon entering the restaurant. Otherwise, they will not process your order. We kinda' learnt it the hard way. Waited, waited and waited. Till' we saw what others were doing.

Manager did tell us something when we came in but her voice was inaudible over the din. We were pretty regular here and we thought we know better… NOT! Huhu.

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