Monday, September 05, 2011

Burger King's BreakFeast

Finally got to try this! Everytime I saw the poster, I can't help hankering for it. Blame it on that gorgeous-looking omelette, studded with fillings and oozing all that cheese. It's definitely calling my name.

That Sunday, thinking that the elders at home are fasting the optional 'Puasa 6', I brought my kiddo and helper to the nearby Downtown East for breakfast.

The actual BreakFeast Platter

Thankfully, I didn't really keep my hopes high. I know better than to expect the cheese omelette to look so immaculately layered.

I read about some turkey ham but I didn't see any on the platter. I then figured out that it's mixed into the omelette. I mistook those reddish bits to be tomato.

The cheese in the omelette help in a way that the egg didn't come out too dry. And it also made the whole thing pretty salty. So, please have a taste before you tear open the packet of iodized salt.

The chicken frankfurter was pretty flavorful on it's own, actually. The chicken meat was processed with some herbs and pepper, I think. Just too bad that the cooked piece was left out on the platter or maybe the pan for a tad too long, making it a lil' dry.

The grilled tomato was a nice touch and seemingly authenticate this whole 'western breakfast' idea. Maybe some grilled mushrooms would make it all even nicer (ok, I might be pushing it, here).

And that Croissan'wich with the NZ Anchor butter is simply delightful. If only the bread was toasted… Miss having something sweet as a spread. Could have swiped some strawberry jam from Popeye's prior to dining here.


I love, love, love these bite-sized potato nibblets!

BK's Funnel Cake Sticks

I saw that they'll be giving this away to those who ordered the BreakFeast platter. But they end up serving this to anyone who ordered a meal.

I expect these to be those regular, crispy dough sticks coated with cinnamon sugar, perhaps. But they turn out to be slightly chewy and sprinkled with white icing sugar. Seems like it's made with tapioca starch?

The taste reminds me a lot like this Malay kueh called, 'Getas-getas'.

I noticed recently that McD has something new in their breakfast sets. The 'Supreme' edition seem to include turkey bacon in their menu. Turkey bacon on top of everything else that's already available. Whoa!

The only other Halal fast-food outlet that serve turkey bacon during breakfast was Burger King. But that seemed to have ceased now, since they revamped their breakfast menu to consist of only the BreakFeast Platter, Ham & Cheese Croissan'Wich and the Breakfast BK Shots.

They did away with the Breakfast King, Scrambled Egg Platter and the super sinful Enormous Omelet Sandwich. Boo hoo!

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