Saturday, September 03, 2011

McD's Big N' Tasty

During lunch, on the day I returned to work right after Hari Raya, my colleague asked what we would like to have.

Sub-consciously I replied, "Fast-food will be nice…" I guess I was already pretty tired of lontong, rendang, sambal and other Raya what-have-yous.

Besides, I've not had 'proper fast-food' (sounds like an oxymoron!) since the month long sabbatical during Ramadhan.

At McD, I saw that they are now offering cheese shaker fries. Already planned on having that. While choosing the burgers, I realized that they seem to have more burger offerings than usual.

Initially planned on the Quarter Pounder, until I saw that they have this new burger which use the quarter pounder patty yet has lettuce and tomato. Beef and veggies, you say?! Gimme!!

The packaging

Wasn't sure if this is their new offering, since I have not checked McD out for over a month.

Got the meal and upsized to get the shaker fries. Already set me back a lil' over $8. Sure ain't cheap, this one.

The cheese shaker fries, if you ask me, they taste a lot like that popular corn snack, 'Cheezels'.

The burger

When I looked inside the box and saw this, I can't help feeling a tinge of familiarity. I was wondering what it was.

At the first bite, I decide it seemed a lil' bland. Thankfully I grabbed a couple packs of black pepper from the condiment counter. After the next few bites, I find myself thinking, "This ain't worth it. Gimme a Whopper anytime!"

That's when it hit me. Hard.

McD was trying to create their own rendition of a Whopper! Is that so…?

Let's see… beef patty. Check. Lettuce. Check. Tomato. Check. Onions. Check. BBQ sauce. Check. Mayo. Check. And they have cheese. That would have been optional with the Whopper.

So what's going on here? I can't help noticing previously, that BK's Chicken Tendercrisp is very similar to McD's Chicken McSpicy…

Is McD having a new direct rival? Remember BK's cheeky 'real-grilled' chicken patty promo, sometime back? I remember McD going on head-to-head with KFC in their McCrispy chicken days…

Whatever it is, I believe it's us consumers who might just benefit. A healthy rivalry only help to create a more robust market, giving us more options…

Psst… BK is now serving this simple fish burger for breakfast. Familiar…?

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