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Ayam Penyet Ria - Bedok Point

Crazy soda & 'Lava Girl' drink

My bro always ordered their 'Happy Soda' (known also as Soda Gembira). It's something like the popular Bandung which is mixed with carbonated drink which could be either 7-up, Sprite of Ice-Cream Soda.

This time however, he spotted this 'Crazy Soda' and wanted to give it a try. Seem like a purple version of the usually pink Happy Soda, though.

'Lava Girl' drink

I was curious about this drink. Okay, so there's also a 'boy' version which is, well, blue. I'm not a fan of blue-coloured food so I chose this red one instead.

I figured out that the name 'lava' was because the dense coloured syrup in the water makes the drink look like a lava lamp. Besides, there are other ingredients like multi-coloured tadpole jellies & canned longans inside.

It's actually a fancier version of Italian soda. Reminds me of the 'Diabolos'. Not bad. Very refreshing!

Sup Buntut (oxtail soup)

My parent's favourite. We can't dine at an Indonesian eatery without ordering this.

Love their version. Light, yet beefy broth. Plus they put in whole, round pieces of the oxtail.

Sup Sayur Asem

Another one of my parent's fave, the Javanese that they are. Sour and slightly spicy with a hint of sweetness.

Filled with long beans, cabbage, sweet corn, other veggies and a chockful of peanuts. They love the peanuts to bits.

Tahu Telur

Seems like a new addition. The shape, taste and texture was just nice (ahem, I used to work at Sanur, where they serve on of the best 'tahu telur' around, u c).

But they used peanut sauce, which I assume, is the same sauce used for their gado-gado? I wish they had stuck to the norm and prepare the seasoned soy sauce instead (not that I'm a purist but I just prefer it that way).

'Boneless' Ayam Penyet

My bro wants his chicken and he wanted the easier way to consume them.

Been a long while since I had ayam penyet Ria, so I've forgotten how generous they are with the sides. A generous clump of blanched kangkong, nicely battered, sizable tempe and a thick slab of tofu. Plus a leaf of white cabbage and slices of cucumber.

And on top of the sambal terasi (belacan/shrimp paste) that they already spooned onto the mains, they also have a condiment counter where we can take more of those fiery chili paste. They also have kicap manis, which I'm more than happy to take. I love, love, love the kicap manis-sambal combo!

Bawal Penyet

My dad almost always ordered fish. So it's either this or the 'Ikan Lele'. He ain't too fond of freshwater fish so the pomfret it is.

Lele Penyet

My mum, meanwhile, ain't the choosy sort and she suddenly felt like having this popular freshwater fish so I ordered it for her. It's actually part of the catfish family, also known as 'ikan sembilang', to the Malays.

And my gosh, I end up sharing this with her. Because of the size and shape, this fish had a lot of parts where the crispy batter resided, making it a delight to dig out the meat together with the crispy bits and consume them. She also fed this to my son because of the cottony soft, white flesh.

Even though I like this, I'll never order this for myself. I find the head and tail portion to be a lil' gross and it'll be such a waste if I never finish it up.

I realised that I forgot to take a pic of my own order. Got myself the 'Empal Penyet', which is beef steak that's battered and fried. My hubby love this dish and my curiousity about it eventually made me love this dish and I ordered it (almost) everytime I dine at an ayam penyet eatery.

Jagung Bakar

My bro is someone who loves his sweet corn, so he can't really resist ordering this. I was wondering, just how an Indonesia eatery will serve this grilled corn.

When this was served, I was like, "Whoa!" The corn was easily 20cm long. And it was slathered with this fiery red chili sauce. To bad, it was only slightly charred. I love my sweetcorn to be somewhat charred all over.

Then we realised that the corn was not warm. Almost cold, actually. Guess it was prepared in advance. So instead of diving straight for it, we decide to have it at the end of our meal.

That chili sauce seemed similar to the famous Indonesian ABC brand. And it sure is spicy. When my bro took a bite of the mid-section, where most of the sauce was concentrated at, he almost yelped before gulping down his drink. Then he hurriedly took a spoon to scrape off most of the red sauce from the surface…

Don't say I didn't warn you… ;P

Their website HERE.

799 New Upper Changi Road
#01-05 Bedok Point
Singapore 467351
Tel: 64410025

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