Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Instagram-ed - Beverages

Nespresso capsules

My boss's pride and joy. He always made sure to ask his clients who came down to the office, "Any COFFEE for you?" Not drinks in general, but specifically, coffee.

I'm very sure he's disappointed when some of them happen to be non-coffee drinkers...

TWG tea

…Well, that's when his wife steps in and set to prepare tea for them instead.

The row packaged loose tea leaves above, well, their total cost can easily allow you to purchase a 'Longchamp Le Pliage' handbag or something.

My lucky boss and her cousin were darn lucky because their super rich Indonesian client needed to get rid of her credit card miles and gave them the chance to go on a shopping spree at MBS; using the said card.


She even purchased their teapot + sleeve. Guess how much it cost? $200++, can??

Nespresso coffee

In my own favourite dainty teacup (got it as a wedding favour).

My fave Nespresso flavour? Indriya (v.strong), Fortisso Lungo (pretty strong) & Roma (medium).

I dislike Arpeggio. Smelt like ciggarettes.

Only 1 sugar cube pls (preferably the raw one).

Bubble tea

Koi's great (milk tea ice-cream, ovaltine ice-cream! 25% sugar). Someone told me that with other competition, its getting to be a bit overrated. There's also Gong Cha (gotta try their pudding tea). I'm still checking out the Chatime outlet near my home. Heard their mousse tea is popular. I've tried their Honey Lemon Aloe. All I can say is that I'll definitely be craving for that, should the weather get any hotter.

Somehow, this ShareTea doesn't go down well with me. A tad bland.

Personally, my fave drink has got to be the humble pearl milk tea. Yeah, just that. Enough to make me happy.

Frozen Coke

In all honesty, I didn't really order this. Not voluntarily, actually.

The lady at the BK counter misheard my 'Coke ZERO' for 'FROZEN Coke' somehow. Not that I was mumbling or anything like that. And they weren't even busy!

Maybe she heard, "Sub-Zero??"

Anyway, I'm not fond of these icy drinks. I've never even indulged in my own cup of Slurpee! I get brain-freeze too easily and my sensitive teeth always cry for mercy.

I can't help comparing to the ones sold in Australia. To start with, the Coke there is less sweeter. And when made into this icy slush, the taste was more refreshing because it wasn't cloyingly sweet.

Needless to say, I waited a bit for this one to melt a wee bit before I dare to really suck on it.

Ginger Ale

My remedy for flatulence. Ahem.

I much prefer Angus O'Neills over Bundaberg, though.

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