Friday, August 19, 2011

Instagram-ed 2 ~ Desserts


… or is it 'donuts'?

I get this only when I have a sudden hankering for them. Which is not often, thankfully.

That's when I alight at Tampines (I hardly go there w/o a mission) and troop over to Tamp1's J.Co.

I can't manage more than a couple of these so I usually take time to make out the best choices. It's disappointing to see that I never get to try their cheese variant. Boo!

The ones above are 'black forest' & avocado. Very, very sinful.

Key Lime Tart

My boss's favourite tart/pie. And this one must have scored well in her books since she excitedly bought individual portions for my colleagues & I.

I have to agree. The tart base, despite being a lil' on the greasy side, has a nice crunch and the lime custard… oh my! Nicely creamy with a tangy lime accent that's not too over-powering.

I might just be a Key Lime Tart/Pie convert, with this one.

Oreo cheesecake

Just a random buy from the Cafe Galilee at Pasir Ris Library. I usually hang out here for a lil' bit of 'me' time.

I remember craving for a chocolate cake that day and was disappointed to see that they ran out of the Lava cake. So I just settled for this.

Raised my eyebrows upon seeing that a good half of the cheesecake is made up of choc. sponge layer. However, the strong taste of Oreo cookies managed to please me. And the choc. sauce that they squiggled onto the plate satiate my chocolate craving, somewhat.

In the picture above, I played around with the various filters in Instagram and got really intrigued by how comic-like the cake appeared when I lomo-fi it.

Frozen lychees

Taken during the lychee season, sometime back.

My collegue popped them into the freezer. Tried them out when they're still not frozen through. I still flinched when I bite into the slightly cold flesh, though (sensitive teeth).

It's very refreshing, when eaten that way. The cold juice that squirt out as we bite were really delightful.

The next day, my collegue finished up the rest of the lychees in the freezer. I dare not consume any and simply amuse myself, seeing him almost frost-bitten as he tried to peel the icy skin off with his bare fingers.

And when he finally get to pop the now frozen flesh into his mouth, you can see the look of sheer ecstasy as he remarked dreamily, "Mmm… just like lychee sorbet! Are you sure you don't want some?"

Err… never mind. I'll pass. Thank you.


Pardon me, but doesn't the above picture remind you of a certain part of the human anatomy?
Didn't mean to gross you out, there but I'm sure you're aware which part I'm referring to.

During the recent peach season, my boss bought a whole box of them (cheaper that way). I mistakenly thought them to originate from China, as with the lychees. She was quick to correct me that these were from the USA.

(My mind immediately flew to the quirky 'Peaches' song by the band, Presidents of USA)

These were pretty ripe. Still with a firm flesh and taste sweet, with a tangy accent. Lazy me simply cut them like apples and spit out the skin as I chewed on them. :P

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