Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Birthday Dinner - Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant

Got the day off on my birthday and hubby matched his leave with mine. My bro & parents fetched me that evening and told me that we'll be heading to Chai Chee for dinner.

Hmm.. I had planned to check out that other teahouse at Simpang Bedok but I guess I gotta' save that for another time. I kinda' miss the food at Chai Chee, too.

Thai Mango beancurd

My family never fail to order this. I wish I had snapped a photo of this the last time I had it years back, for this version here looks very different...

I remember that previously, the tofu was coated in batter ala british fish & chips and served with slices of ripe, yellow mango with mayo dipping sauce. More like an appetiser dish.

These fried tofu looked less appealing but it still tasted awesome! Despite all that watery-looking sauce at the bottom, these fried stuff remain delightfully crispy. I believe these are simply coated/dusted with corn flour, prior to frying.

And that pool of watery, brown sauce may look unappealing but it was yummy too! Sweet & sour; the flavour came off as refreshing. Much like Thai chili sauce w/o the chili (oxymoron, I know). And the slices of green mango salad at the side was very... Thai. Oh well, it's THAI mango beancurd after all.

Kangkong belacan

Same ol' stuff. Can't go wrong with this, I guess.

Shanghai Chicken

Ahh.... A perennial favourite with my family. The Javanese that we are, we like our food with a touch of sweetness.

Crispy deep-fried chicken fried in sweet, dark soy sauce. Ah, shall I mention the onions, chili padi & curry leaves, that give this dish its kick? That sauce... I LOVE it!

Butter Squid

When we wanna order squid, it was a toss between this and simply squid fritters. We asked the server for recommendations and the way he described this made us order this immediately.

I wish I can recall what he actually said but it sounded really appealing!

When the dish arrived, I wondered if the server mistakenly placed the order for the squid fritters instead. It looked pretty plain, didn't it? The taste didn't tell much either. Guess the butter prawns I had at Bali Thai that one time really raised the bar for me. All those buttery strands...

But the dish taste good, nontheless. I had it with some of the sweet & sour sauce from the fish and also from the Thai Beancurd.

Cereal Prawns

These were good but I dare say that I've had better.

Sweet & Sour Seabass

Their sauce was done nicely but we were too busy with the other dishes that by the time we got to eating this, the fish was no longer crispy.

Our bad. :(((

Shark's Fin Soup

Guilt aside (I'm really hoping they used mock shark's fin, there). :'(

Pretty plain on its own so it's best to follow the traditional way of eating this. With some black vinegar and a dash of white pepper totally lift the taste.

I wonder if this place has changed their cook or something. Ok, so we dined here on mid-week. The food seemed a lil' lackluster. Then again, maybe it's just me. Sigh.

My previous dining experience at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant HERE.

Oreo Cheese Cupcake
(taken from my fren's FB)

Met a dear old friend of mine, the week before (will post about that later) and she pleasantly surprised me with news about her conducting the Haj pilgrimage this year.

She then lamented that she need to clear some baking ingredients before she departs so I jumped at the chance to order some of these yummy-looking things I saw on her FB page. Since my birthday comes on the week after that, I plan to give some to my family and distribute amongst my hubby's nephews & nieces. I know that all of them love their cookies & cream.

I kept this in the fridge prior to offering them to the family after dinner and they love it!. Myself, I 'secretly' kept 1 in the freezer and have it in the afternoon, since I'll be too stuffed to have it after dinner later. And boy, it was fabulous! Tasted just like ice-cream - that's loaded with cream cheese. And my dear friend here sure is generous with the cream cheese and Oreo cookies.

Just the way I like my cuppies. Will definitely order from her again!

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