Saturday, July 18, 2009

chicken II

BBQ Chicken @ Tampines One

Both my cousin and I had the discount coupon and since she had never tried the food here (despite being a chicken lover), we decide to head down to the newly opened branch at Tampines One.

Main Course.

Jerk BBQ

Grilled chicken leg coated with Korean BBQ sauce (made of 20 different seasonings) and red pepper.

One of my cousin ordered this previously and I was curious to try it for myself. The sauce was really flavoursome, the chicken meat tender and juicy and it was grilled till it was charred at the edges.

Comes with sides of fries and green salad.

Korean Charboiled

I'm surprised my cousin opted for this grilled chicken version instead of the fried ones (her fave!).

The chicken leg here is marinated in sauce (made of over 30 secret ingredients) and roasted over charcoal fire and then the earthenware.

I had a try of this and realised that as complicated as the cooking procedure sound, this piece of chicken meat definitely has a stronger taste. But with no hint of a spicy kick, however. Very savoury.

Hot-hot Drum

My cousin who had the Jerk Bbq previously had envied my order of this back then and made it a point to order it this time.

She was disappointed to see that unlike the ones I had previously, there was less sauce this time. Even the drumsticks were not evenly-coated with the sauce. I remember that I used to dip my fries in the excess hot-hot sauce that dripped onto the plate.

The last time I had this, the sauce was so spicy that the burning sensation remain in my belly for over an hour. My cousin agreed that the level of spiciness remained constant.

It came with a side of only a miserable amount of potato salad (which tasted quite nice anyway).

The sides.

Teri-Q Wings

I remember that these had tasted really nice the last time I had it. Marinated with Teriyaki sauce with Korean soybean paste, and coated with glutinous rice powder before being fried.

Reminds me a bit of the chinese Prawn-Paste Chicken dish. Very yummy!

Mashed Potato

Quite a generous portion. The potato tasted more starchy than 'potato-ey' but the sauce was kinda nice.

Nothing can beat Popeye's version, so far.


Pat Bing Soo

When I saw the size of that, boy was I very very glad that there were at least 3 of us then. Quite a big portion.

Shaved ice heaped with some bean powder, azuki red beans, little cubes of mochi (rice cakes), nata de coco, fruit cocktail and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with cherry. And drizzled with choco fudge with a couple of Lotte choco-almond sticks.

Pretty nice but I can't help reminiscing the one I had at Zingdo. That one had a smaller portion but came with bigger cubes of sesame-coated mochi, cubes of real fruits like kiwi & mango or strawberry etc. if you prefer , cubes of aloe vera and nata de coco, azuki beans with raspberry ripple ice-cream.

Somehow I think that the portions have been altered and that a couple of the orders that I've had before had been presented in a different manner.

See my previous entry on BBQ chicken at the Cineleisure branch sometime last year.

My order of Teri-Q wings then had a heap of coleslaw on the side. Now the Hot-hot drums has only the potato salad on the side when it had both fries and coleslaw previously.

Is it due to that, over time, they've rationed the sides served with the main course? Or that different branches have different ways...? I sense some inconsistencies here....

We had wanted to use the promotion coupons, where 1 can entitle us to the 20% discount an another which allow us to have either the Teri-Q wings or the Pat Bing Soo for free, with orders above $50.

When asked if we can use both simultaneously, the server (who wore a black top instead of the pink ones of the junior staff), whom I assumed to be the supervisor, made no mention that only 1 coupon can be used. Only upon payment at the counter did the manager tell me that. And he conveniently said that since I had use the coupon for the free Pat Bing Soo, the 20% disc. coupon can't be used.

What if I decide to pay for the Pat Bing Soo instead? And utilise the 20% disc. coupon which may entitle me to more savings? How inconvenient would that have been for them?

But I was too darn full to kick up a fuss. Man, if only I had known better....

But on a positive side, I'm glad I chose to have that dessert for free, instead of the Teri-Q wings - for the dessert would have cost more..!

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Ruf said...

actually, their food is nice, soft, succulent, but dissapointingly, too oily....