Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Uhu! hu!

No, that wasn't me crying.. Read on.

It all start with a small story...

When my dad was on his way to the market early Sat morning, he chanced upon our 8th floor neighbours, these 2 sisters (young & chic kind) and their cousin heading out to hail a cab.

We are pretty close as neighbours- having known one another for around 2o years, so my dad in all his kaypoh-ness friendliness asked of their destination.

"Oh, we're headed for KL (Kuala Lumpur).."

My dad was baffled by that answer for all they carried were their small handbags and nothing else..

"..How many days? How come you don't have any luggage?" (Seriously, my dad can get really nosy sometimes).

"Oh, we'll be coming back in the afternoon..."

"Really..?! How will you get there? By coach?"

"No, we'll be taking a flight there."

My dad being the airport staff that he is, asked about the airport tax and other charges just to go to KL...

"Oh, we paid $60 for a return trip on Air Asia. All included!"

My dad was still wide-eyed even after they've left in the cab...

Anyway, fast forward to that late afternoon and my parents had just alighted from the cab and another cab was behind them. Guess who?

Yeap, the 3 ladies who went to KL that MORNING. My dad was really taken aback to see that they meant their word when they said that they're coming back that afternoon itself.

And more shocked to see that instead of shopping bags, they had with them boxes and boxes of confectionery marked, The Loaf Bakery (check out their website.. and drool!).

They got into a conversation in the lift and my parents were told that those were from the well-known bakery owned by the former M'sian Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir.

That got my mum all excited cos' she's still sore by the fact that I actually forgot to bring my family to dine at the branch in Langkawi even when we actually passed by the location (I really should kick myself for tat)...

Anyway, 1/2 hour later, one of the sisters came knocking and gave my parents 4 of the confectioneries. That was pretty nice of them. They must have felt somewhat embarrassed to have my parents see them with all that goodies and felt obliged to share some.

There were 2 tarts, the cheese (devoured by my mum) and the fruit tart (devoured by my dad). Anyway my mum only remembered to inform me yesterday, that she's left me 2 of the confectioneries and I made no qualms about stopping by there after work.

And I was greeted with these mini Uhu!Hu cheesecakes...! My mum took them out of the fridge when I was having dinner and my the time I was ready to savour them, they have softened nicely.

The mango cheesecake

I can't find this on the website but the taste was distinctively mango. Smooth and definitely creamy.

Pardon the fact that the surface looked rather 'cloggy'. Remember that it's been 2 days since these were given.

The 'Luxurious Chocolate' cheesecake

That name wasn't penned by me. It's listed on the website.

Yeah, like the name, the chocolate fudge was definitely rich, smooth and pretty divine. The chesecake inside was layered and I can't make out the flavours. Maybe coffee-flavoured like Tiramisu..? Honestly I can't figure it out.

Man, I'm so grateful to my parents for keeping these for me. And also to my generous neighbours.

Know what? I might just do something similar like waht they did, with my mum... And the babe? Hmm.. it's only a day trip. Surely no harm done. Hopefully...

Insya-Allah (God willing)....

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Sri said...

plz... count me in if the trip ever hapens... 8D