Monday, July 13, 2009


My apologies for the lack in updates in recent months.

I seems that I've been less-than-inspired to blog (despite having the contents), somehow. Ever since I discovered my pregnancy, Alhamdulillah (many praises to Allah) for that; I guess the mojo's somewhat dwindled.

It's been said, that the baby inside the mother's womb can somewhat influence the mother's tastes and actions.

From this, I assume that I can't rely of Lil' Junior here to pursue my passion for blogging. Not that I'm blaming the lil' one here. Maybe my child just want me to have more rest, knowing my penchant for spending hours in front of the screen once I start.

Whether the love for blogging emerge or not, I'm just hoping that my child won't be IT illiterate at least. Knowing enough to get by will do.

Then again, who knows what our current world wide web would have evolved into, by then.

Hmm.. go figure.

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