Wednesday, July 15, 2009

chicken I

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken @ VivoCity

May seem like I've been visiting lotsa' chicken restaurants lately but this one here was from last month... Refer to previous post for an explanation to my tardiness.

This visit was totally unplanned. My parents remarked about wanting to head down to VivoCity without any valid reason. Only when we were wandering amongst the crowd, did my mum mention about trying this place. She had read about it in the papers.

Darn that paper!

We were caught totally off-guard. My bro just had a heavy snack before coming (my mum didn't even remind him to save some room in his belly!), my cousin joined us after a wedding reception and I had lunch at my home before joining them!

Best part was the financial aspect of it. For it's no secret that the food there is pretty pricey.

I wasn't aware of the free-flow drinks, then. The manager who served us didn't even bother to inform us about it despite us wondering aloud in front of her at the counter. So we got canned soft drinks for each when we could have paid only a few cents more for free-flow. This was duly made known to us by the friendly girl who served our food. Sheesh!

Chicken Pasta Meal

My mum saw someone in the next table having this. I have no idea what the dish is called so I just whack it and ordered the one with the word 'pasta'.

Thankfully it's the right one.

I dare not get her anything spicy seeing that her taste buds, with age, had slowly raised their guard against spicy stuff. If she needs more kick, she can use the bottles of peri sauces (of 4 different grades) provided on every table.

Sweet Chilli Cheese Burger

My bro's order. Since he was pretty full, he thought a burger set will be just nice. Who knew that the burger turned out to be so big!

The patty being the grilled thigh meat of the peri chicken, being complemented with the sweet sauce... I love this one. Gonna have it next time.

Chicken, Cheese & Egg Pitta Pocket

My cousin's order. She may be pretty full, having had meals at 2 different wedding receptions but she can never resist good food.

I know she chose this because it had 3 of her fave items - chicken, egg & cheese. The chopped veggies were wasted on her for she scraped half of them onto her plate (she dislike veggies). The egg was a sunny side-up on top of the chicken patty.

Pine & Cheese Burger

I chose this because when I saw the word 'pine', I had imagined roasted pine nuts or even pesto sauce (pine nuts being the main ingredient) inside the burger.

I didn't cross my mind that the word 'pine' is short for PINEAPPLE. And I got just that, the canned variety, no less in between my buns. Which made my bun pretty soggy when it absorbed the juice that dripped onto the plate.

Did you see the visible salt crystals on the fries..? Can you just imagine how salty they were? Especially for me, who have really low-tolerance for salty stuff.

For my dad, I ordered the 1/4 chicken set which comes with a choice of 1 regular side order (I got him the coleslaw- his fave). His order came last and my hands were soiled by the time it arrived, so no pics.

I tried the various sauces that was supplied on every table. The tangy lemon was really sour (in a pretty disturbing way). The mild peri was still pretty sour with no hint of any spiciness. The veri peri reminds me of tobasco sauce with a little extra flavour. Super peri? Well.. it was tasteless.

Maybe it was so spicy that it numbed my tastebuds... I assume.

Now I'm curious about Nandos. Gotta head to Pelangi Plaza in JB to try that.


Winda said...

ehhh nandos much better lor. when i had the chicken at barcelos, the word tengik came to mind. thats how id describe the smell. hur hur hur. then ah! i ordered the chicken soup to dip the garlic roll with. sekali tu its the clear soup! not the creamy kind. wahhh i so tertipu ahhh!

CT said...

i agree! the chicken is so the very unappetising! even Kenny Rogers @ JB which I tot' served pretty mediocre chicken taste better.

my goodness, i didn't know their chicken soup is the clear kind.. dah macam oriental soup.

so the very not worth the hefty price tag, kan?