Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cafe Galilee

A geek's meal…

Whenever I had a bad not-so-good day or when I feel a little more moody than usual, I usually seek solace at a little corner of this little cafe located within the library at White Sands, Pasir Ris. More often than not, I always end up here when I'm PMS-ing.

Armed with a book from the adjacent library, I place myself in such a way such that I can people-watch through the clear glass panels overlooking the shopping mall below and yet, remain inconspicuous from other's attention. It sure helps that most patrons almost similarly, chose to be reclusive.

Then again, once I get lost in the action between the pages, it all doesn't really matter.

Mushroom & cheese sandwich

Looks very 'green' eh? If not for those chips, you'll think that I'm eating healthy or going vegan or something.

Actually there's supposed to be a small portion of pasta (macaroni) served in this set. However they ran out of that and I wasn't really fussy about it. So they tried to compensate by adding on a little more greens. Cute.

That cute foccacia bun makes this sandwich look like a... burger. Other than that, don't expect anything fancy. The button mushrooms are the generic canned type. Then covered with a cheese slice. After which, maybe heated for a while. If only the cheese is all charred and gooey… That would have been nice.

Potato chunks with cheese sauce

The reason why I keep coming back here, has got to be these spuds.

Ok, so maybe there are other places which serve freshly-fried potato wedges (I miss the one from Mustafa Cafe!) but nowhere with a great ambience like this.

You think the ones in the picture looks really indulgent? Well, let me tell you- I usually have them with both the cheese sauce AND mayonnaise. Oh yeah...!

Also, I've seen some good-looking cakes in the display on days that I've been lucky but I've always managed to will myself from trying. Maybe one day, I might just succumb to the temptation and get myself that Lava or truffle or even the cheese cake.

Hmm… Those of you who really know me, please uh, don't tell my hubby of this favourite hangout location of mine. Can…?

Please help give this geek some of her precious, 'me' time. thankyouverymuch.

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