Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Popeye's with bro

It's almost a routine for my bro to fetch me and my son at noon, every Saturday to bring us back to my parent's place for the weekend.

Since I woke up that morning I've been thinking of Popeye's so I've decided that I'll bring my bro to eat at Popeye's in Downtown East (which is only some 5mins drive away) before we get to my parent's place. Besides my bro would have been hungry, since he just came back from coaching.

Come noon, my bro arrived and brought with him a downpour soo heavy, it's like someone 'up there' chose to pour out from a pail instead of spraying with a shower head. My bro had thought of waiting it out under my block but I saw him arrive and promptly came down with my son. I insist that we just drive out and have our meal since we have no time to waste, considering he gotta' report for work at 2pm (yes, I can be pretty persistent at times).

Bundled my son up in a sweater with a hoodie while my bro reversed the car all the way to the void deck (there's no sheltered drop-off point where I live, hmmpf!). I got really wet, in spite of the effort but I don't care. I want my Popeye's!

Once at the restaurant, I chose a corner seat by the shopfront so as to keep out-of-view from patrons inside the restaurant but distract my son with the view outside instead. Got the little one a regular mashed potato and a couple of chicken pieces for my bro. Also got myself some coleslaw (I miss both these side items like crazy!)

Popeye's 'Wicked' Chicken

"...Playfully sticky sweet & spicy Wicked Chicken Strips, Devilishly good!..."

Saw the poster for this, got tempted and ordered it too.

I seriously don't see what's so 'wicked' about this. It wasn't spicy at all. Sure , you can taste the chili but there's no heat. But it sure is sweet. Taste a lot like the sweet & sour dish one can get from a zhi char stall.

Seems like they dipped the chicken strips in this sauce prior to serving. On its own, they would have been nice, though. Better than KFC's or BK's.

Onion Rings

I saw that they had some side dishes like onion and calamari rings. There's another one but I can't really recall what. Was it 'fish bites' or something?

I was pretty excited to see these rings because they remind me so much of the ones I had from California Fried Chicken in Jakarta, eons back. My family love those so much that they became the bar that all other onion rings need to level up to, or even surpass. Then again, that was almost 20 years ago (man, I already feel so old) and I've forgotten how it really taste like.

Over the years, I've tried various types of onion rings from various establishments. Those frozen ones (also sold at 'Western' food stalls) and the ones from BK are similar, too little minced onions, too much batter/breadcrumbs. Those seasonal ones from McD are pretty nice but a tad salty. Carl's Jr seems to do it nicely. Real onion rings with batter that's not excessive and yet has a nice crunch to them. But you need to head down to KL to get Halal ones...

This one here, my bro remarked that they have some funny aftertaste. But then again, like all things deep-fried, they're best eaten when piping hot.

Popcorn Shrimp Sandwich

Seems like almost everytime I dine here, this will be my main order. I can't seem to find any other place serving a sandwich with 4 pieces of whole, battered prawns inside, instead of a patty (cue Wendy's).

I also just noticed that their ciabatta-esque bread has some sprinkles of oats on top.


I love dining at places when it's the off-peak period. Service staff are more at ease, hence approachable. And attentive.

I went back to the counter to make orders for some take-aways, while carrying my son. Made some small conversations with the staff at the counter and the lady working on the floor insist that she help to carry my take-away packs to my table. Soon after, she came to my son with a balloon...

...Which soon prompted him to run out of the restaurant in glee, with the balloon pointing forward (not upwards, mind you) and me making a mad dash to chase after him while my bro was left scrambling to sort the take-away stuff + our bags and follow suit.


But a happy boy makes a happy mummy. And a happy sister makes for a happy brother. So thank you bro for accompanying me! Finally satiate my craving hankering to dine at Popeye's.


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