Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mel's Drive-In @ USS

Finally got down to visiting Universal Studios Singapore. I've been holding back because of the un-opened Battlestar Galactica rides. To me, those rides alone are worth the (exorbitant) ticket price.

Most of us kinda' skipped breakfast, in our hurry to meet up in the morning. So come lunchtime, we were ravenous. Besides, I made sure I took those roller coaster rides before I really fill myself up.

With many Halal eateries available within the theme park, we were kinda spoilt for choice.

Eventually chose Mel's Drive In because it serve generic fast food items like burgers, fries & milkshakes so there won't be issues with any fussy eaters. It also has one the bigger floor spaces so that we won't have a hard time getting seats (we eventually waited for the coveted booth seats). And lastly, it also has a great view out to Hollywood Lake.

The interior reminded me so much like 1950's America. Gaudy colours, shiny chrome metals and leather booth seats. I somehow expect to have John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John to break out their 'Grease' hit: "You Are The One That I Want" while I was there (that's the 70's, I know). But they do have like live singing & dancing performances right outside, singing oldies to suit the atmosphere.

The cashiers, where we made our orders + payments were offset from the main servery counter. A good way to contain the queue and it's hygienic. Just so that the staff handling money wouldn't handle food at the same time.

Anyway, moving on to the food…

Chili fries

My cousin's order of chili fries. Not sure how much it cost though. She add-on this to her burger combo order.

They also have cheese fries! Something I'm gonna get (if I ever go back there).

Not sure what type of cheese they use but it was a pale shade of yellow and is almost translucent. Emmental cheese, perhaps?

Chicken fingers w/ Mel's special sauce
- $5.50

Another cousin don't feel like having a burger or even a full meal so she asked for some 'finger food'.

I kinda like the flour they used to coat these chicken strips. Btw, that 'Mel's special sauce' is some sweet & sour tasting sauce; very tentalising.

Crispy chicken burger

This was a picture taken by my cousin, of her Crispy Chicken burger. Breadcrumbs!

Coke float
- $4.90

We didn't see root beer float on the menu. So this was the next best option.

See that foam? That happen because they top-up more coke after scooping the ice-cream in. Not that I mind. Just don't look in to see how the ice-cream look like. Disgusting much.

- $3.00

Thick-cut fries. I like!

Now if only they're served piping hot like in McD. I'll be sure to queue for more!

Mel's chocolate treat
- $2.50 (add on)

This brownie + ice-cream dessert would have cost around $4 when ordered on its own. However, when we order it as an add-on to our combo, it'll only cost $2.50.

The catch? It comes together with your meal, so you gotta feast on this first or you'll end up with an ice-cream puddle at the end of your meal. Pfft.

The brownie's texture had been more cake-y than it was fudge-y, albeit more dense than a regular chocolate cake. And it wasn't served warm. What do you expect from a fst-food restaurant?

But it was very nutty. That, I like.

I heard that their apple crumble is pretty ok. They also have chocolate mousse cake, rite? Hope that'll be served appropriately cold.

"Shiok" burger

As soon as I saw the poster for this "Shiok" burger, I knew I had to get it.

The combo cost only $12.80 (u.p. $16.30).


Seems like I've finally met the burger of my dreams.

Spiced chicken floss, Onion rings, Turkey Bacon, Guacamole(!), Mel’s special sauce, 100% beef patty…

Not forgetting the regular cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato. And the beef patty seems thicker than McD's or even BK's. Maaaybe it's a 1/4 pound patty (I don't really know).


I'm not sure about the chicken floss but having the turkey bacon AND guacamole already did me in. One heck of a messy eat but it's something I surely enjoy. Mmmm...!

I seriously don't mind paying the $5 to come into the park after 7pm, dine here and then view the fireworks. Definitely having that 'Shiok' burger again, simply because it live up to its name- imho.


Other Halal-certified eateries @ Universal Studios Singapore:
- Celebrity Café & Bakery
- Oasis Spice Café
- Goldilocks
- Friar’s
- Casa Del Wild

Not bad, eh? Maybe to cater to the regional Muslim crowd. Now, if only the food here aren't THAT expensive!

Oh yeah. Since I'm on the topic of USS… Look what I got for myself!

A science lab-esque drinking flask from Fairy Godmother's Juice Bar!

That's at Far Far Away (Shrek) section of the theme park, btw.

'Act cute', I know. But I can't help it! This comes with a lanyard, too.

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