Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Enak Rasa Seafood - More!

Ugly, but niiiice!

Been quite awhile since I last dined here with my family. I can never be thankful enough, to have a branch from the popular Rasa-Rasa Seafood opened so close to my parent's (also my former) place.

Thai-style fried tofu

My bro had wanted to order this particular tofu dish but it was already striked off the menu. So we randomly chose another tofu dish instead. Anything but the hotplate tofu, which had been ordered once-too-often.

Why haven't we discovered this dish before? This is awesome!

Tofu that's crispy on the outside and really soft inside, yet it doesn't disintegrate that easily. And that Thai chili sauce - sweet, sour & spicy… nice! Sooo gonna order this again when I come back here..

Deep-fried baby squid

This dish was pretty forgettable. We didn't even finish it. Not all the bits are crispy, though. Some ended up being chewy/tough.

But taste-wise, it was alright.

Kailan with beef

Very common dish. Nothing much to comment, except about those beef slices with this weird reddish hue. Tenderiser overload?

I wonder what it was marinated with, prior to being cooked. Seems like this beef is used for all the beef dishes so remind me to stick to chicken and seafood only. Thankyouverymuch.

Sweet & sour seabass

Ahhh... An eternal favourite with my family.

My mum used to prepare this quite often but since I wasn't around and my bro hardly eat at home, it became pretty rare.

So I was really, really glad when my mum chose this dish. I chose my favourite fish - seabass. Oh, the battered skin was done beautifully. Really crispy, despite having the sweet & sour sauce poured over prior to being served. I nibbled on every crispy bit, no matter which anatomy of the fish it came from. And the sauce taste homely. Nicely sweet and sour at the same time.

Will never forget this dish, evah!

Banana split!

There's quite a variety of beverages and desserts served over the drinks counter. But I sure did not expect this!

My parent's neighbour happened to dine at the next table and she was pretty taken in by my precocious toddler. Next thing we knew, towards the end of our meal, she jovially came by our table and serve this.

Quite a pleasant surprise, eh?

And the banana split, well don't keep your standards high, like expecting it to match up with that served at Swensen's. Otherwise, it's decently done. 3 scoops of ice-cream, 3 different flavours - strawberry, vanilla & chocolate; topped with crushed peanuts before being doused in a thick layer of whipped cream. And then, there's the chocolate sauce.

Not bad, eh? I wonder how much it was. Betcha' it's not even $5.

So there you go. Another episode here.

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