Monday, May 16, 2011

Streats Hong Kong Cafe (Liang Court) - pt II

Here's moving on to Part 2 of the ♥Mother's Day♥ dinner…

I'm not trying to gloat or anything like that but mums usually end up sacrificing their own whims & fancies to accommodate their lil' ones. That weekend alone, I had porridge for 2 days straight, just because I want to feed my son (or so I thought).

That Saturday, I got him a bowl of fish porridge at Banquet, Parkway Parade. Naturally, he ate barely 1/2 of it so it's up to me to finish up the rest. That portion isn't really enough to fill me up truly, yet I can't really order the 'Iga Bakar' (grilled spare ribs) that I've been aiming to get from the Sundanese food stall. That'll be too much already. Hmm...

Century egg w/ chicken congee - $5.80

Here at Streats, I ordered the above dish since it's already his dinner time. The portion wasn't as big as the one at Banquet so I thought that I might just get the stewed beef noodles that I wanted, should he finish at least half of this porridge (congee is the Cantonese way of calling it??).

After the first spoonful, he decided that my mum's beef 'hor fun' taste wayyy better and chose to share that with her instead. As for the porridge, well, no points for guessing who had to finish it up eventually. And forget about the dish that she intend to get for herself.

I have to admit that this porridge was a lil' on the bland side. Thankfully, there was an abundance of the chicken floss on the fried brinjal (in previous post). So I use bits of that to aid me in finishing up that bowl of porridge/congee.

Beef Hor Fun (Gravy) - $7.80

I seems that their 'hor fun' is quite a well-recommended dish and my mum didn't hesitate to order one for herself.

I can eventually see why. The gravy is nicely flavoured and the texture wasn't too gooey with starch. Since my mum ordered the beef version instead of the seafood, they make up for the lack of ingredients with the use of vegetables. Not that my mum mind.

HK Dumpling Noodle (Soup) - $6.50

As I've mentioned in part I, my dad was eventually convinced to order his own mains and he asked for something soupy.

I scanned through the menu and got him this simple bowl of noodles.

My brother deemed the broth 'refreshing'. The noodles were nicely springy and the wontons are similar to the ones with chili sauce, as seen in the previous post (my dad can't finish them all, saying that they're too 'filling').

Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice - $7.80

My bro claimed that he was tempted by a plate of fried rice ordered by someone who sat near the entrance. He wasn't too sure what variety of fried rice that was, so he randomly chose one from the fried rice selection in the menu.

His dish has got to be the plainest of the lot. Guess he can always rely on the appetisers to make things more exciting…

Chicken Floss French Thick Toast - $3.80

Apparently, someone declared that he still had room for more so I suggested ordering some desserts. I then come across a page on the menu where they were featuring the trademark HK thick toasts and showed them to my bro. He got really intrigued.

Err… more carbo, after the meal we just had? Then again, before this, he had to head straight to coaching the little swimmers, right after knocking-off from work so I guess the exhaustion kinda' make him hungry.

From the looks of it, it seem like he can't get enough of the chicken floss. It's funny, how they placed the butter on the chicken floss layer instead of directly on the warm toast. Maybe for presentation's sake? We eventually put the slice of butter right where it should be and let it melt a wee bit.

Ooh, I can't help think how this will make such a fantastic breakfast!

Mango Pomelo With Ice-cream - $4.50

Eversince I knew of this dessert's existence, I was eager to get some for myself.

Eventually got my big break when I came across a desserts stall at a certain hawker centre. For $2.50, it was reasonably priced and the hawker didn't skimp on the fruit bits.

This one here, seems like more mango essence is used, instead of puree from the actual fruit itself. And the mango + pomelo bits are lacking. My mum wasn't even aware there are pomelo sacs inside. Seems like there's more sago & 'biji selasih' (basil seeds).

The ice-cream just add some fancy touch to an otherwise, simple dessert. If the dessert is well-executed, I guess the ice-cream isn't even necessary.

Whoa, can't believe I finally stepped into Streats HK Cafe, after passing by the branch at Downtown East dozens of times - each time telling myself that, "I'll dine here one day."

Sure, there are hits and misses. But the hits are well-worth coming back for. Although the pricing isn't really cheap, it's still affordable. This Mother's Day dinner set me back less than $90, with GST & svc. charge included.

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