Friday, February 17, 2006



Just where in the world is my ATM card??? (that's just hypothetical, cos' I'm sure it's still in S'pore)

Went to SPC Pasir Ris yesterday and paid for the petrol using NETS. I was holding both the SPC and ATM card. The SPC card is always kept in the glove compartment while the ATM- my wallet.

Somehow, when I was about to make payment for my purchases is Mustafa Centre later on, I was befuddled to find the SPC card INSIDE my WALLET and my ATM card- nowhere. I just assumed that muddle-headed me must have made a switch and kept the ATM in the glove compartment instead. WRONG. I could have turned the car inside-out later on but the card's nowhere to be found. Even the receipts for the petrol top-up are absent. Sheesh! And all my $$$ is in THAT bank and NOT the other. I need that ATM card!!!

Called SPC Pasir Ris just now. No ATM card found..... *sigh* Guess I have to queue up at Parkway Parade tomorrow morning to make a new card. On Saturday??? Geez!!

Talking bout' Mustafa Centre, have you ever eaten at Mustafa Cafe?? Ya'know, where there are some (very) low tables & plastic chairs along the walkway? I used to be so tempted seeing others eating their fare. Till' I gave it a shot some months back. And got hooked. You should try their Masala Wedges. Powerrr, I tell you!

I always wondered, just what about the dish that's 'masala'. I tot' it's the wedges itself, cos' it does taste a little 'spiced'. Then I remembered the sauce (yes, they have a special sauce for that). Thousand Island mixed with some vege. SPICED. Yea, maybe that's it. It's the sauce. YUM! And cheap too. A whole styrafoam box at just $3.

Their fish & chips are not bad, too. They used REAL fish. Not those cheapo fish 'fillets' that they try to pass off as 'fish'. Their sides of salad and fries could be a little better but the fish is worth the shot. Only $4.

They have this "Power Grill Cheese Sandwich'. Sinful! Spread with some butter and stuffed woth mozarella cheese, then grilled. Ouhhh.... Only $2.50.

Going to Mustafa will never be the same if I've gone in the day. My visits there have always been at 11++pm (after sending me mum) and my the time I leave, it's already the next day. Parking's easier and the crowd.. WHAT crowd??

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