Wednesday, February 15, 2006

another dinner

another dinner

Yea, it's V-Day yesterday. Wouldn't have known if not for the constant, excited reminders from the radio DJs....

No significance, really. But one thing for sure, it's Tuesday and my family usually eat out on Tuesdays cos' that's when my bro had his day off and we can have dinner as one family.

Went to one of those murtabak shops opposite the Sultan Mosque (no, not Zam Zam).

They went there previously-WITHOUT me. I guess they felt pretty bad, eating out when I'm not around so they brought me there. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't mind cos' they went there for the briyani and I dun really fancy that.

We sat beside this big family of 7. Our family of 4 sat at a table meant for 6. But we sure ate like there're 6 of us. The peeps at the next table kept looking at us as we keep adding orders... Haha! I would be shocked, too!

My mum and I shared a large murtabak. My dad had 3 chappatis (w/ chicken curry and vege). My bro had chicken briyani. Then he felt like he had space for more. Ordered onion prata. Then I saw the next table ordering this splendid looking 'Paper' prata (was later told that it's called 'Tissue' prata). It was perched on the plate in all it's triangular glory, looking all crispy. Boy, was I tempted! Yea, we ordered that. That eventualy became our dessert cos' it tasted pretty sweet.

Should see the look on the faces from the next table. All 7 of them. Looking at us FOUR. And the table for SIX, full of empty plates. Heh.

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