Thursday, February 09, 2006

Long break

Long break

As always, my bosses gave my collegue and myself the week after CNY off. Came back from Bangkok on Monday.

Not wanting to waste any opportunity of having me (the family driver) at home, my mum asked to go to the cemetary. It was Awal Muharram (the Islamic New Year) and my mum recalled the graves of her sister and my grandpa which was pretty much barren. So we bought some plants from this ah-pek who trying to sell-off his stock from the CNY bazaar. Got down to some gardening there in Lim Chu Kang.

Wed, 01 Feb~ Had a girls-day-out with my ol' buddy, Tini. Watched the sneak preview of NORTH COUNTRY , this superb movie starring award-winning (my fav!) actress, Charlize Theron.

Then it's some shopping before we chilled at Parkway Parade for some coffee, hot chocolate and cakes.

Thu, 02 Feb~ Still bored. Been a long time since I hit the beach (in the day, I mean). So met up with Tini (again). Very slack. Brought tuna, mayo and cheese. Brought bread later on, with a megazine and the all-time fav. Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Bored with the beach (which felt soo. different cos' it's sooo empty), we hit the bowling alleys for a couple of games. Then some tea-time snack at McCafe. *sigh*... another day well spent.

Fri 03 Feb~ Supposed to spent time with my bro. Somehow, his off-day got pushed to the next day cos' his Chinese collegues were still in festive mood and refused to work. For once I be a good daughter and stayed home...

...but went out at midnight with my cousins and hung-around at Changi airport. Heh. Then fetched my bro. Made it home only at 5+ am...

Sat 04 Feb~ Despite the lack of sleep, we woke up early to rush to the blood bank @ HSA, Outram. His friend told him it closed at 12.30pm on Saturdays so we flagged a cab. Turn out, they closed at 4.30pm. Sheesh!

I dunno why but we were both the last to be attended to but we're the first to fill up the bags with our pint of blood. My bro pumped so hard he got a bruise. Haha!! Then, they wrapped our elbows with this coloured elastic bandage.

I chose my fav colour. I had this cute dinosaur motif.

There are the colours yellow & orange but my bro chose THIS colour. It came with some HEART motif, ok. So.... metrosexual.

Spent the next few hours exploring Chinatown. Then my bro had a little 'emergency' and insisted we took a cab down to Marina cos 'their toilets are cleaner'. He had known which toilet he planned to rush to over there (yep, he has a 'fav' toilet in Marina). Thing is, the last time he went there was a year ago. Marina had undergone a major renovation since. His 'fav' toilet was nowhere to be found. So he went ahead to one on the 2nd storey.

In less then a minute, he was out. Surprised, I asked him why. He said, "Aiyah later I tell you. Let's go up. The toilets should be emptier." His face was scrunched up pretty bad, ok.

He finally told me the whole story over lunch.

**He had walked into the toilet and waited outside the cubicle door. The guy who went in after him then tapped him on the shoulder and asked, "Bro, where's the urinal?" My bro looked around and replied, "Yah, how come got no urinal, one."

Moments later, two GIRLS stepped out of the cubicles. Shocked, my bro asked the guy, "How come got girls?" That's when one of the girl said, "Erm... guys, I think YOU'RE IN THE GIRLS' TOILET."

The other guy was quick to exclaim, "Aiyoh, I followed this guy, leh!" He was pointing at my bro. My bro was holding back his pain and embarrassment as he apologised to the girls before rushing out. The other guy, red-faced, was already grumbling under his breath. Hahah! **


mama tasya said...

wow!!bestnye ge for me d furthest i've been is to kl..n dat was abt 15yrs ago..chet!!..neway im sure u njoyed ur hols rite..if next time i wana go thr..for sure i noe who i can turn to for tips n advices rite?

CT said...

sure can... taklah expert sangat mcm my boss's wife... Every year dia pergi.
Bangkok is a great place for a short getaway. Mcm nak pegi lagi, ah. That'll be my 4th time! hehe..