Monday, February 27, 2006

jg double-up

jg double-up

What's 'jg'? Well, not exactly 'what'. 'Who' is more like it. Jake Gyllenhaal (JG). Yea, watched 2 of his movies over the weekend.

It says there, "Welcome to the suck." I couldn't agree more. No, not the movie, actually. It's what the story's about, that is.

If you're looking forward to a war movie like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, you'll be sorely disappointed. No one got killed. Ammunition; heavily under-used.

But it's testosterone-packed. Guys watching with their girls will definitely bore their other-half. Well unless, of course she had the hots for JG (check out the scene where he did a jig wearing just a santa's hat covering his front, yee ha!).

Yea, that thing on his head? Imagine it covering his 'front'. Just that. And he jiggying around wearing just that? On that hot, hot bod? Of course you can see his bum! *duh*

brokeback mountain
Would have been pretty boring had it been about 2 heterosexual people.

Gorgeous scenery. Poignant storyline. Superb acting (Heath, especially). If only Heath Ledger's character had not mumbled throughout the movie (yeah yeah, Wyoming accent and all). It's a pretty sad story, y'all.

"Ya' know, I ain't queer."
"Me neither." Whatever.

A definite Oscar bearer(s). If not the movie, then Heath. Or Michelle. Or Ang Lee. They gotta get at least one of that gold thingy for making me stay up in bed for half of last night.

So am I now a JG convert? Naah.....
Not YET.

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