Tuesday, February 14, 2006

$$$ headache

$$$ headache

... Dunno what came over me but I suddenly got really curious about my personal finances. It's always been a mystery- the way my $$$ seemed to siphon outta' bank, leaving me high & dry towards month-end.

So the mood kicked in and I opened up MSN Money and reviewed my online account statements from both banks. In the flurry of keying in all the numbers, I discovered the various 'creative' ways my moolah had been put to use. Somehow, I regretted my actions.

Wasn't long before I got an even BIGGER headache KNOWING where my $$$ had gone; as compared to when I was still in the dark.

Conclusion derived from this over-zealous effort? Travelling can surely wreck MAJOR havoc on your budget. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Some things are just better left unknown, aren't they? Curiousity killed the cat, doesn't it? Sheesh!

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