Saturday, April 09, 2011

More from 89.7 Supper Club

Hubby and I eagerly brought my family here.

Crispy Sotong Ring

Ordered by my SIL the previous time. Hubby must have like it and so we ordered this.

The squid rings were cut considerably thinner this time, hence, it's not surprising that they end up being over-cooked (tough). They forgot they mayo and we need to request for it.

Shanghai Steamed Dumplings

Compare these Xiaolong Baos with the ones I had at Tang Teahouse. Any difference?

What kind of Xiao Long Bao have no soup inside, you tell me? Such a disappointment, this one.

Best part was that there was a group Shanghai tourists at the next table and they ordered some dim sums. Hope they won't be too disappointed.... Pfft.

Beef Horfun

So far their zhi char items seem to fare pretty well. My hubby didn't have any issues with these.

Fish & Chips

My bro's order. I don't think he's too pleased to see that the fish fillet is bread-crumbed instead of simply battered.

Seafood Carbonara

My order.

A bit of warning: They were pretty generous with the pasta. Possibly this can be a sharing portion (unless you are very, very hungry).

The cream sauce was very creamy (thick and can be a tad cloying). The prawn was fried separately and placed on top. Inside the sauce are mussels, fish fillets and some squid rings.

Not bad, lar. Pretty decent stuff.

As we made our way home, I asked my mum's opinion on the place. Her verdict?

"Don't like. Everything not nice." Sigh. We only ordered so much yet she talked like she's sampled everything.

Guess there'll be no 2nd time with her around. Too bad.

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