Monday, April 11, 2011


Been quite some time since my last random food post, eh?

Chicken Fried Rice

... Or Fried Chicken Rice?

Cos' this Malay zhi char stall also sell chicken rice. And they literally use the ACTUAL chicken rice for this and added chopped chicken meat. Imagine how fragrant it is. Besides, using chicken rice give this fried rice the right texture - where the rice comes in individual grains.

Should I order Nasi Ayam Goreng elsewhere, I might just get a plate of simple fried rice with a large piece of chicken.

Mutton Chop

I can't say enough, just how much I love half-cooked eggs. Especially those runny ones! Mmmm....!

This Indian Muslim foodstall near my workplace has changed hands goodness-know-how-many-times. How I figure out? By ordering this favourite dish of mine.

The latest proprietor here seem quite veggie-happy and serve the mutton chops with many, many slices of tomatoes & cucumbers. The mutton was hidden below the sunny-side-up egg. And the sauce with its reddish tint was all too familiar, until I have a taste.

I can say that a good amount of chili powder, not just colouring; contributed to that reddish hue. Boy, was that spicy or what?!

I wish that should there be another person taking over, they serve mutton chops like the old 'Shenton Way' style. With canned peas and homemade fried potatoes. Not just some processed french fries... :P

Ayam Penyet

Bought this from the stall at the now-not-so-new foodcourt at Starhub Green.

The chicken above looks crispy, eh? They re-fry the chicken quarter prior to serving. They then proceed to 'smash' the piping hot meat with a steel meat-tenderiser before topping it with some pre-fried crumbs.

Imagine all that crunch!

The chili was pretty alright. Now If only they serve this with a piece of fried tofu and tempe...

One afternoon, during lunch-hour; my colleagues and I happily strut towards Broadway Eating House at Geylang Serai Market, only to find it.... CLOSED. For good.

Waargh! My vadai! Duck porridge/noodles! Whyyy...?!!!

And so we went up to the hawker centre...

Lontong Kering set - $4.50

I don't know when I saw someone having this (most likely on a tv program). I told myself (and others around me) to get this for myself, should I happen to dine at Geylang Serai Hawker Centre.

While I was pondering about my choice for lunch (still sore that Broadway's closed), my alert colleague (thanks, Roza!) was quick to remind me of this dish. Thus, the mad scramble to find my the stall selling it.

Took me almost 3 rounds of pacing up and down the hawker centre before I saw and old lady carrying a plate that looks all-too-familiar. Ahh... yess!!!

While in the queue, I was unsure if the 'set' is pre-fixed or I have to choose the dishes. So I got myself mentally ready. In all honesty, I was very much tempted by the Sambal Telur Burung (quail eggs in chili paste) on display.

As soon as I ordered this, the stall-hand proceed to cut thick slabs of lontong (Malay rice cake), then scoop some sambal goreng, sambal sotong (my fave!!), beef rendang and serunding. I decided against getting the sambal telur burung, seeing that there'll be sambal 'overload' on my plate.

Needless to say, I was a happy camper, that afternoon.

My boss had asked us to get her lunch so my colleague (also her bro) called her and asked what she wanted. He went on to rattle off the list of foodstuff available at the hawker centre, "... chicken rice, nasi padang, LONTONG (yes, that one was louder than the others)...."

After he put down the phone, he told me, "She wants lontong."

"But she don't want this version! She surely wants the one with the gravy!"

"Nevermind! Just get her this one." Pfft. I seriously think that he's up to something...

I was nervous when she opened up her styrafoam box. "Wah, what's this?" She then tucked in. Later on I heard her saying, "Wah, why this lontong so different, one?"

I went on to explain to her that this is how we eat lontong during Hari Raya etc...

"This one so 'shiok', man! I can't stop!" :)))

Phew! I looked at my colleague, who's gone all quiet. I thought that maybe, he wanted to pull a fast one on his sister. Well, too bad it didn't work!

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