Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swensen's with cousins - Food

T'was a real mad-cap night!

My female paternal cousins planned a gathering over dinner that Friday night. Someone needed some cheering up so we all planned to help her out. It's been a long while since I last had a 'real' girls meet-up after work.

Time to let our hair down (not literally) and have fun!

Fried mushrooms

Some of us arrived later than others and seeing that all of us just knock-off from work, we urgently made our orders cos' we were just so famished.

We ordered sides to fill us up while waiting for the mains to arrive.

Somehow, a couple of my cousins don't eat mushrooms. The rest of us were more than happy to gobble these down, especially when they were served piping hot.

Prawn dippers

Deep fried prawn dumplings. Reminds me a lot like the one I had at Tang Teahouse.

Grilled Fish Sambal

My order.

The whole ensemble would have been kinda' bland, if not for that slightly fiery sambal sauce on the side. Well, considering that I had a pretty heavy lunch that day and the fact that I'm gonna end this meal with pretty sinful desserts, I don't mind having something a wee bit 'healthy'.

This was the very first dish to arrive. I was taken aback at their efficiency, actually. Seeing that it was Friday night and the restaurant was pretty much full-house.

The fact that this arrived wayyy before my other cousins' orders make it seem almost dubious... And true enough. Almost all my cousins' orders arrived together and they wanted to serve us YET another plate of Grilled Fish Sambal (I was already 1/2way through with mine). It's obvious that they mixed up our table's order with another one who ordered earlier.

I wonder about the poor soul who had been waiting soooo long for that plate of food to arrive....

Swensen's combo

Fried fish bites, butterfly shrimps, calamari rings & breaded chicken. Whoa.

Seafood grease bomb, this one.

Chicken in a Basket

3 pieces of deep-fried chicken. Wah, even more indulging than the 2-piece chicken set from KFC. I have to admit that the battered skin looks good...

Chilli Fish Pasta

Fried fish fillet with spaghetti in spicy oriental sauce. Fusion..? I like!

My cousin's order. One of them 'non-shroom-eaters'. And the cook seem to go easy with the mushrooms that night. As she transferred the mushrooms pieces onto my cousin's plate, us 'shrooms-eaters' eagerly divided them amongst ourselves.

Fried Fish w/ Apricot Mayo

Seeing this battered fish fillet, I can't help thinking how my bro would have loved this one. The batter taste pretty good. Very, very crispy.

They seriously could squirt more of that apricot mayo on the fish. Too measly!

Mega Burger

I was contemplating to order this. Luckily I backed out when my cousin chose this too. I would have been seriously overwhelmed. Is that burger hee-yuge or what?!

Check this out:
Juicy beef patty, chicken ham, beef bacon, grilled veggies, onions, melted cheese & fried egg. Whoa!

She was given a fork and knife. But is there really a way to attempt eating the burger - WHOLE...?

(Wo)Man vs. Food

The female version of Adam Richman? Go figure.

Just too bad that we ran out of time what with a couple of us having to rush home to our kid(s), some with curfews(??) and some who live far, far away in the west. Wish we could chat longer...

It's been really fun, girls. Till' April 29th! USS, you'd better be ready for us (and our antics)!

Coming up next... Ice-cream galore!

PS: I must be pretty high on caffeine when I type this. All that exclamation marks!

PS: We cracked so many jokes at the table and our crazed laughters created such a din that everyone there must have been relieved to see us exiting. We also kinda' scare-off some male waiters, at that. Ooops!

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