Monday, April 18, 2011

More from Charco's

Lamb ribs + (L-R) Caesar salad, Greek salad & tuna pasta

The wide array of salads here are the greatest draw for
me. I love my greens and these easily justify my cravings since there's a variety of them available.

I've tried almost all in their list and those above are my favourites. The chicken avocado & egg salads are pretty good too.

Rack of (lamb) ribs + 3 salads - $15.50

I don't know why but the lamb ribs that day seem a little different. Juicy and tender, yes. But bigger, too. And there's also a very apparent (read: pretty thick) fatty layer in between the meat and bone.

I don't remember the fatty layer being so thick the previous time. Maybe I got a different part from the whole rack of ribs?

Hmmm... I wonder if I can request for the smaller parts, next time?

It's such a chore, having to scrape these off when using the fork and knife, so I used my hands. My bro looked at me with much disgust (plus he hates lamb meat). He must think that I seemed pretty barbaric.

(Thankfully, my son sat between my hubby & me)...

1/4 Roast Meal - $8.80

My hubby's order. He chose the regular Charco's chicken (instead of the spicier, Portugese version), with the intention of sharing some with his son. Too bad the kiddo' had other ideas... Heh.

As always, the job of making the orders never fail to fall on my shoulders and he had no idea what set to choose so I randomly pick this. Besides, this seem like something different.

I dare say, those roasted potato cubes taste pretty good! Better than the fries. In my opinion, that is.

Beef ribs creme meal

When this plate arrived at the table, I was like, "Whoa! Flintstones…!"

I can't help it. Those hunks of meat just seem soo... Brontosaurus. Ok, I don't know why that particular dinosaur name came to mind but yeah, you get the idea.

My mum had wanted these ribs with fries but that set doesn't exist, actually. So I chose this Creme Potato side instead. The friendly guy at the counter (looks like the proprietor) suggested that I switch the peas with fries.

I was like, "Can, ah?" And he replied, "Why not?"


Creme potato is basically baked scallop potato with cream sauce (sans the cheese topping, though).

I would like to advice those not-so-carnivorous people out there to simply share these humungous ribs. Doesn't help that the beef meat is pretty lean. It gets a little tiring to chew and this is just so... beefy. Well, enough said.

When I first had a bite, my thought flew to: Biryani. I tell you, these ribs would have gone sooo well with some biryani rice (also available at Charco's, apparently)!

Schnitzel Creme Meal - $9.60

My bro dislikes roast chicken and red meat. But deep fried chicken? Why not? When I knew that they serve Chicken Schnitzel ( a pretty popular German fare), I know he will love it.

And I'm glad that I can finally have a bite of this.

Tender chicken fillet, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. Tell me, what's there not to like?

Creme Fries - $4.30

When my bro chose the Creme Meal, I told him that he can opt to change the peas to fries, if he want to. But he remarked that he wanna eat them peas and chose to order fries separately instead, for he was hungry. He just knocked-off from work, after all.

We saw a picture of the Creme Fries and spontaneously placed an order for that.

They simply drizzled the regular chips with cream sauce similar to that from the Creme Potato. Soon after this pic was taken, my bro got a small bottle of paprika from the condiments counter and sprinkled some on this.

That seemed like a pretty hearty-meaty meal, no?

Oh, another thing worth mentioning. It seemed that Charco's has taken over the total management of the coffee shop it's located at.

There's another stall under their management; serving 'zhi char' items like char kway teow etc. There seem to be an 'ayam penyet' stall, yet unopened. And the drinks stall is handled by their staff.

They seem to be doing well, ya? At the rate that families throng to this place, esp. on weekends - I sure am not surprised.


Sue said...

I cant help but drool at the food. The price all so cheap! Sorry, live in Norway. We have tons of other good stuff but cheap places to eat unless you are in Oslo - Nope

bayya said...

Hi there Sue,

Hmm.. maybe, just maybe you'll be able to stop by SG? Ease the homesickness a wee bit and get around to satiate some food cravings.

Then again, it's easier said than done, eh? Erm... how about homecooking? Not sure if it's easy to get Asia stuff back there, though... Take care!

sue said...

I do cook, everyday. Though its not the same. Some ingredients you cant get here. I was back home in Singapore last year.

Here are some links to pictures of the food I make.

bayya said...

Wow, Sue! You food pics are heavenly! Gave me a little insight as to what Norwegian food is like.

I'm loving those 'puffy-pops'! Great to see some asian food right there. Guess one can't help hankering for some curryies every now and then, ya?
You seem to bake pretty well too.