Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dad's birthday: Secret Recipe re-visited

I'm most ashamed to admit this but I actually forgot my dad's birthday. huhu.

Best part was that my mum called me on the day itself, to discuss about my son's latest antics. And I can hear my dad in the background (because he was on leave duh!) and it still didn't cross my mind.

Bad daughter! :P

Even better. His sister's birthday was on the day before his and in the past years, I've never failed to call her on her birthday to give her my well-wishes. Needless to say, I forgot hers too. Uwahhh!!!

I figured out only in the late afternoon, THE DAY AFTER. I let out a yelp in the office when I discovered that it's already 25th March. I was like, "Omg, omg, OMG!!!"

Called my bro up and reprimanded him for not reminding me. He was like, "I thought you know...?!" Drats. Well, my mum eventually let loose that even my bro got the dates mixed-up with hers. My cousin had called to wish my dad Happy Birthday and that fella got the cheek to say out loud, "Eh, I thought it's on the 27th??!" (my mum's was on 27th Dec).

Some children we are.

Well, I eventually called my dad to apologise and tried to make amends by promising him a treat over the weekend. Then again, we had a wedding invite that Sunday and ended up being pretty full, that afternoon. Sheesh.

Anyway, my bro insisted we go to Changi Airport T3 on that rainy afternoon. He had wanted to bring my toddler to play at the playground in B2.

…Only to find it under renovation. Pfft.

Thankfully there's an itsy-bitsy playground in the corner where he played for a bit. Wait, not really a bit, actually. He never stopped playing (and running all over the place) till my mum's tired legs eventually drove her to head to the nearby Secret Recipe and plonked herself at one of the tables there.

I guess it's Secret Recipe, then. I had intended to head for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf but that'll mean heading to Level 3. Too far up.

My dad soon followed suit and they both got for themselves the Green Apple Kasturi (calamansi) drinks and my mum got curious about the Pumpkin Soup (supposedly spicy) and ordered 1 for herself. I also ordered a Cream of Broccoli Soup for my lil' one as it's already his meal time (to be eaten with the rice and threadfin fillets I packed from home).

The uncle finally caught hold of my toddler and swung him up to straddle his shoulders just so he won't run off again. My bro really worked up a sweat chasing that precocious kiddo. Good workout (although I'm the one in need of an exercise)!

My bro saw the next table ordering a Frosty Lemon Tea and got that for himself. Myself meanwhile, eventually settled for his all-time fave - Strawberry Milkshake (to spite him, I guess). Both beverages were awesome!

My mum was tempted to order the cakes after seeing those beautiful ones in the display fridge. I told her not to bother with the menu and point out to the available cakes on display, instead (lesson learnt from past experience, here).

My bro must have sweated out much while chasing after my kiddo'. Despite eating quite a fair bit (a lot, actually) at his friend's wedding reception prior to this, he seem to have some belly room for this:

Grilled Chicken baked rice

"...Secret recipe's very own grilled chicken marinades on tender chicken thigh, topped with home-made bechamel sauce and a rich serving of cheese, baked till golden brown.."

Despite the bechamel sauce and cheese or even the 'marinated/ chicken pieces, this still come off as a little... bland. My bro didn't hesitate to pour dollops of chilli sauce over this before finishing it up.

Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake

"...As beautiful as it tastes, this is the cake for cheese and strawberry lovers! With intricate strawberry glazing on top, marshmallow sandwiched in between layers of cold cheese and baked cheese with a biscuit base, this cake is truly a feast for the sense!.."

More indulgent than the regular blueberry or strawberry cheesecakes. In terms of both taste and texture. I had mistakenly thought the white top layer to be fresh cream. Imagine my surprise when I discover that it's also cheese. And the fluffy marshmallow layer in between…


Classic Cheese cake

"...A traditional blend of mascarpone cheese and cream cheese with chocolate sponge and finished with classic touch of lady fingers biscuit..."

This is currently my favouritest most favourite cheesecake ever! Looks like a tiramisu, taste (almost) like a tiramisu yet it's very much a cheesecake.

Then again, I've very much impartial towards mascarpone cheese. :)

Seems like I love these two cakes above because each of them had 2 different cheese. Varieties… I like! Hmmm...

I really have no time to get around getting my dad a gift or something. My bad.
Then again, I know that I've given him one of the best gift ever…

In the form of my baby boy. His grandson. The first grandchild.
You should see how inseparable they are when together.


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