Friday, January 04, 2008



Work has been like crap. Slogged for 3 days on the same project. Despite the deadline today I'm still struggling while doing trial & errors on the various command on this darn new software which **breathes in** the govt may insist on making compulsory for everyone to use.


And paid a visit to the site for which I'm doing the model on. I think it's freaking haunted la.

The old Rex Theater at Mackenzie Road.

We (my male colleague & I) went in thru the only openable door and it lead to the 1st mezzanine floor where the old movie theater is. It was so damn dark in there and the only light finally came in from this lone spotlight in the middle of the theatre. The upper level remained in total darkness. The walls are painted black. The wires were stripped. No electricity. The air was dank and super-still.

The security guard was M.I.A. I snapped fotos with my handphone cam (with flash). 1st time, I saw some whitish apparitions. Took another similar shot. This time it's clear. This goes on for various shots of different areas. My colleague left me behind to try to purchase a torchlight somewhere.

So far I've no problem being left alone at other sites but this place was...freaky! I hurried after him and almost stumbled at the dark stairwell.

Driving back, he told me he "dun like" that place. I replied similarly. I told him the place was kinda "dirty". It's been empty for sometime and it was previously used as a nightclub.


I'm having big, big dinner tonight! Seafood! I AM so gonna stuff my face. Like who cares bout' dieting and all. I've been thru' so much this week!

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