Wednesday, January 16, 2008

bro & bees-kot

shopping with guys

I remember, how I 'impressed' 2 of my guy friends with my 'no-nonsense' way of shopping.

Well, they shopped with me when the mood didn't kick in and I was wearing slippers when I'm headed for somewhere that requires shoes. So there.

And that's when I realised that the guys around me shopped wayyy better than I do. My brother included. They're the sort who enter one shop, check out the goods, try them on, ponder, procrastinate, bargain (if necessary) then decide. Before buying.

I can't do all that! I tend to skip many of the above steps.

My bro and his friend, Bees-coat/Biskut (oh heck, I dun know his real name!). I dun know what is it that we do till' we remain at Suntec-Marina for hours at end. Except that I got new running shoes for my flat-feet, my bro got his bag, Bees-coat got his doughnuts and meet his girlfriend.

By the time we got back to the car, the carpark at Suntec was littered with only a handful of cars. That's how late we left. Suntec carpark almost empty, liao!

And we took photos. Lots of them. I love them shots. If I ever get a DSLR cammie, they'll be my first models.

And yes, these were taken with a crappy 3.2mp hp camera. That's why I keep them pictures small.

Unless u wanna get me at least a K850i or the Viewty.

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