Thursday, January 31, 2008

bali not pack

i'm flying off tomorrow morning...

...and I still haven't pack.

So what else is new?

My previous trip to HK last year, I only finished packing less than 5hrs before I'm due to check in.

I slept merely 2hrs then.

This is an 8-day trip. From the beach, to the mountains, to the sea (literally) and back to the beach again.

And I still can't figure out what to bring.

I've never been away for sooooo long!

And I realised that I had forgotten to tell a certain someone the time of my flight so tomorrow he actually end up working right when I want him to send me off.... *knocks self*

Seems like I have to buy stuff for more people, aye?

Till' I come back then! I dun intend to blog when I'm away, aniwae.


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