Wednesday, January 23, 2008

furball guest

cute (early) morning guest

Isn't she just sooooo cute!

aaargh! I'm hyperventilating already.

My gate has this 40cm high acrylic sheet fixed to its bottom part and yet my dad opened the door early this morning (kasi masuk rezeki!) and saw this furball curled up tight.

This kitten climbed that acrylic panel to sleep on the rug that my mum put at the gap between my gate and door. That rug is to prevent dust from coming in under the door.

Space between my gate and door = less than 10cm.

After waking up, she remained quiet. Which kinda' pleased us all, including my dad. Mind you, my dad ain't fond of pets but she's just tooo adorable, la!

Wanting her somewhere cosy and proper to sleep, I grab the shoebox within reach (my choice of shoebox didn't please my bro one bit) and my mum volunteered her rug. She crept in, much to my amusement. Then I placed her outside and my dad kept the door ALMOST closed.

And from that gap, we saw her climb back in! Effortlessly.

She she got back to her curled-up position and set to continue with her disrupted sleep.

Oh man, I can just go on with this. I'd better stop.

Okay.... Point form.

dad hesitant. dropped obvious hint. not prepared for a pet (again). me too. kitten wake up. tried to get in. sleep again. climb back out. disappeared. me sad. cat come back! mewed and mewed. me mewed back. yes, I mew. went into house. me have to carry out. me don't carry cats. awkward. put back in box. climb out. bit my (new) shoe.

me go work. cat played with me. keep thinking of her. me think me miss her. keep looking at pics. will she be home? what to do woth her?

is it a good omen? rezeki? to discover something like this waktu subuh? what do we do???

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