Wednesday, January 09, 2008

13 mms

sent: 13 MMS(es)

I came into the office with my ears plugged to the music. I saw my colleague frantically signaling to me, trying to tell me something.

I took my time taking out my phone and off the music (yes, I use a music phone).

I finally got to hear her saying "..... why you send so many..?"

"So many what?"

"MMS. You just sent me 5 MMS(es) of the same picture. I think you also sent to 2 other people."

"Why would I send MMS to you and the 2 other people..? I did not even send any MMS. I just listen to music..."

"Did you lock your phone..?"

Then it crossed my mind, my colleague and 2 others..? Sounds like my 'Favourites' list! The other 2 will be my cousin and... my fiance!!!

I urgently asked her, "So what's the picture that I supposedly sent..?"

She showed me. It was THIS:

I supposedly MMS a picture of A VERY HANDSOME & SEXY Japanese actor who's DRIPPING WET, to my fiance!
4X no less!

And with everytime he receive the picture, he replied with really confused queries.

And the last one was, "WHY?"

OMG. I was frantic at first. Then I got tickled.

How do I explain to him that this pic was in my phone all the while..? In fact, I transferred this pic from my old phone! Heh.

So I told him that this pic was, "...sent to me by my gay friend the day before, to show me his latest crush."

I know, I know. Lame, rite..?

Then something else hit me.

Just how much does an MMS cost..? Almost 60cents each?

My collegue got 5, my cousin and him got 4 each (I manage to cancel the last send).

5 + 4 + 4 = 13

13 x 0.60 = $7.80 ????!!!!!!

Almost EIGHT DOLLARS of pointless MMS(es) sent..?


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