Sunday, January 06, 2008

some due gratitude

i think some gratitude is in order...

I was soo darn busy last month, I missed out thanking many who have given me a lot. Now, where shall I start..?

My poly pals:

Bas, Inder, Kai, Khama & Meng ~ THANK YOU.
I totally dig this bracelet!

Funny thing, Khama apologetically told me that it's also my (very) belated birthday gift.

Coincidentally, he gave it to me on Hari Raya Aidiladha - my birthday, based on the Islamic calendar.

Sheng Leong & Wengyi ~ THANK YOU.
The glass box is gorgeous.

My dear brother:

Who was determined to get me a present on Aidiladha. And kept bugging me to think of what I want.

He refused the request for diamonds, though.

So my cousin help me suggest Adidas Mary-Janes.

This old school design is uber-cool.

He actually went down the whole stretch of Orchard Road, looking for this version. And finally found it in Raffles City. Imagine the trouble he went through....


Mum & Dad:

THANK YOU for the bling-bling watch!

My paternal cousins, Sue & Nor:

They had told me of some 'surprise' cupcakes that they ordered alongside the ones for his side.

They jokingly mentioned designs of a pair of Korean bride & groom, complete with the red cheeks.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found this!


Call me selfish but I initially refused to let anyone touch them.

Coincidentally, Arsenal have a match that very night. So I relented and told everyone that they can eat the cupcakes only if they won. ONLY the ones with the balls & boots. The ones with the Arsenal embelm are reserved for only fellow Gunners fans.

I just can't imagine fans of rival teams *ahem* (the devils) *ahem* taking a bite of that sacred embelm. No way!

My paternal cousins:

I knew something was up when you keep bugging me for my favourite scent.

And this new range from Calvin Klein - Euphoria Blossom, suit me just fine.

And they made me apply the body lotion on my hands so they will smell great for my engagement ceremony...


All ye who contribute here:

Suzy ~ for the cute 'Ladybird-Strawberry Garden'.

Natra & family ~ for the snack hampers

Huda & Juju ~ for the dadih & snack hamper

My uncle Hadi ~ for the Famous Amos hamper.

My paternal cousins ~ for the candy box, cupcakes & fruit basket.

My neighbour, Cik Hanom ~ for the corn cream puff.

My aunts ~ for the kek lapis basah & kering.

Nek Kam & daughter ~ for the very creatively done jelly creation.

All of you, I can't Thank You enough. *muacks!*

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