Thursday, August 10, 2006

you mean THEY do kids' shows???!

you mean THEY do kids' shows???!

This blogger from Down Under loves kids so I guess it's only appropriate that she worries about the kind of people who are actually part of shows meant for kids; like Sesame Street and erm.... Hi-5?

Read: Won't Somebody Think Of The Children?

"......I am appalled by how many children's performers have 'inappropriate' material on their resumes, particularly from the years before they nabbed kid-friendly jobs. Such people constantly run the risk of 'undermining their credibility' with their audience (ie. toddlers) and although Martinez has thankfully been removed, many others have got away with it."

Tell me if that issue isn't worrying or if she's just being anal..?


Still along the same line, I've been reading rave reviews about this movie, HARD CANDY. This movie supposedly carries some disturbing content, maybe some paedophilic theme and if I'm not wrong, it's even banned in Malaysia & China. I'm surprised it's rated M18 in Singapore while it's rated 'R' in the U.S.

Anybody out there who has watched this? Is it worth watching?

PS: FYI, 'Hard Candy' is an Internet term for 'under-aged' girls. Eurgh!

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