Thursday, August 24, 2006

kl-shah alam weekend pt 1

kl-shah alam weekend part 1

Thought I could get away with just a night in Kuala Lumpur and not spending much. Guess I thought wrong. Just what did I spend my SG$100 (RM232++) on?? *scratches head*

Never once had I thought that I'll go to KL with a rombongan (tour group). Naturally, we youngsters have this stereotypical notion that rombongans consist of a league of makciks (aunties) coming out in full force to shop like their life depend on it.

I've had such an experience when I accompanied my close friend on a rombongan to Johor and I saw makciks bringing back goods like they've shopped in Kelantan FOR DAYS. Their endless chatter (boy, they sure can talk)..... Oh, if that's not bad enough, they had the driver play vcds of VIDEO CLIPS FROM HINDI MOVIES. You know what the song-and-dance routines are like. Numerous costume changes that will bring the lead stars from one place to the other (usually a different country) and back-up dancers appearing suddenly (out of nowhere, usually in similar garb) to join in the dance WITH synchronised choreography.

To think that I always fast forward/skip those scenes when I happen to watch the vcds and leave the room when they play it on tv; here I am made to watch JUST THAT throughout the journey??! That plus the tour guide who finds it his ultimate responsibilty to 'educate' us about Malaysia in general and other information I consider pointless. I can't even talk to my friend amidst all that din.

Needless to say, I've had enough of tour groups. And yet, I went with one to KL & Shah Alam last week (some 5 years after my bad experience). Pfft.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Bored. My 3rd Hour in the bus journey.

It started ok. Considering that the main intention was to head for the Shah Alam Museum displaying some mystical stuff, this trip somewhat interested many youngsters. So the number of makciks dwindled somewhat. The tour guide minimised his talk and when he did, he made some sense. So I guess that's ok. They made stops at 'interesting' places like a snack factory and a localised (but classy) chocolate boutique. Which is still..... ok. Tolerable. At least the snacks kick-ass.

But their choice of entertainment throughout the trip. Yeah, why am I not surprised, here? Nopes, no Hindi songs. They actually played these spiritual-themed Indonesian dramas called Hidayah. Yeah they're intriguing, almost entertaining. Despite having watched that on the Indon channels previously, I still got hooked. Then they played another. And another. REPEAT.

Heck! They actually had the whole season of that series! With each episode having a different storyline (yeah, like CSI). And you know that the theme song was played with EVERY time an episode starts and they must have played almost TEN episodes throughout the journey. And the volume was so loud that I had to blast the volume on my mp3 player to counter that. One time, I tried to sing along to this song I'm listening to on my player only to realise that I was singing along to THAT freaking theme-song instead. Darn.

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