Friday, August 11, 2006

a getaway.... hopefully

a getaway.... hopefully

Looking back, I realised that it's been ages since my family last went on a holiday TOGETHER, as in just the 4 of us (that's my parents, my bro and yours truly). I've always felt bad when I go on my own getaways with friends & cousins.

Let me try to recall ...hmmm... Oh dear me. Seriously... Almost 10 years? More? Gah! Often, I went with the brood which include my other relatives, from either my maternal or paternal side. And mostly my bro did not partake in these trips cos it's just 'so uncool'.


Ahhhh! I remember! Bangkok! My goodness. That's like.... 7 years ago! This is just sooo lame.

Now that everyone's working, coordinating our leaves have been hell. ESPECIALLY for my bro. As a matter of fact, his workplace will be closed for a fortnight due to extensive renovations. The shitty thing is, THAT place is closed right smack during the middle of Ramadhan, the fasting month. Geez!
And my dad always have block leaves on the weirdest times of the year and was always told on the 11th hour, leaving little time for my bro to book his leave.

The only time he can go on leave will be when it's NOT the school holidays which is good news, meaning we can avoid the peak season price hike and crowd. Thing is, we're running out of time. Ramadhan (fasting month) is coming, followed by the ever busy Syawal (Hari Raya/Eid). By the time that's done, it's the school holidays.


Not considering the pre-Christmas trip back to the kampung in Selangor for a certain wedding. And I may be going with a battalion brood of maybe 20++ pax. I'll becoming back right when everyone comes back after the Christmas hols. Talk about peak season. I think I may dread THAT one. Geez.

I've been thinking, if we're to REALLY go on that getaway, where can it be? Somewhere near? Further? Road trip? Flight? Cruise? Hmm.... Think I need to list out. Feel free to comment on the place listed, should you have been there.

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Very near. In Kota Tinggi, Johor (Malaysia). Probably an hour or so drive from Singapore. Mountain resort. Interesting activities. Not sure if my bro will like it though. He needs water. Like the open sea. He don't really trust rivers. And he may liken the greens with his stint in the army. Pfft.

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Another one nearby (in fact, nearby Kota Tinggi). Also around an hour's drive from Singapore. Discovered some chalets where I can just park the car right where I can see it. And we'll be near the beach. My bro will be happy. My parents will be happy. My family loves the beach. I wonder why. We've always spent time after dining out in the evening, just sitting by the beach and stare gaze at the sea.

That's it. I'm settling for beach resorts.

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My mum keep wanting to go there. I'm pretty hesitant about this one. Last thing I need for a getaway is to end up in another town. More cars, more people, more buildings. Sure, Penang is a seaside town and exotic in a way that it's a melting pot that is thickly accentuated with many cultures and heritage. But..... Anyway I dun think my dad has the patience for towns like that. He'll get irritated easily.

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I like this one. And I fancy the idea of renting a car there and drive around on our own. I just hope we don't get lost and get into those amazing-race-type-family-squabbles. I was told navigating around Langkawi is pretty easy. My dad don't believe in that idea. He's a very cautious man, my dad. Moreover, that island has an interesting history. Culture. And shopping centres. My mum will like that. For my bro & me, the beach is good enough for us.

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Let's look away from Malaysia. It's good that Singapore is right smack between these two exotic countries (Malaysia & Indonesia). How about somewhere that's a mere 45mins ferry ride away? Batam may be known for its sleaze but their resorts are worth the try. Except that they charge in SG$. But I think it's pretty reasonable. They offer decent sea-sports too. And the SPA... Pretty cheap. Oooh..... Even my dad won't miss this one.

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I think around an hour or so ferry ride from Singapore. The beaches I heard, are far nicer that that in Batam. But the rates of things here, much higher. I dunno how true that is. It's time my parents go there for their beach resorts instead of shopping. Hmph!

Ok, now I REALLY dunno where to go. Trust me for looking up sooo many places. Now I'm lost. Sheesh!

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