Sunday, August 13, 2006

fireworks @ marina

fireworks @ marina (team france)

Finally get to view the fireworks. On the last day of the festival, even. One think I'm glad of is my dad's absence. I seriously can't imagine how short his fuse is going to be in that crowd. Pity my mum. She was all for the idea but I guess, someone's gotta' keep him company, right?

What more the queues at ALL the fast food restaurants were sooooo long (it's my first time experiencing this) that we ate junk food/snacks to help contain our hunger. Dinner (eventually) is Burger King at 2130hrs, consumed 10 mins/I-dunno-how-far away from where we bought the meal from, seeing that there are people EVERYWHERE from Marina Square to Esplanade.

We ended up having dinner on Esplanade. Bridge. In full view to those below but at least it's empty. Hey, we're really hungry, ok?

I try to recall, when is it that I experience the same scenario of seeing people almost everywhere till you can't see the ground (I'm NOT exeggerating, here)? But I believe it's my first time. I ended up sitting on the grass verge on the outer grounds of Marina Square (shopping centre). The grass patch where one won't even tread, much less walk on every other day and yet we got a whole bunch of people having a picnic there. And that's RIGHT beside the al-fresco dining area of the restaurants there, mind you.

Another thing that I'm glad about is that the instincts of both Su (my cousin) & I worked pretty well that day and we ended up choosing a pretty good spot. And I'm glad I brought the newspaper, that's for sure, seeing how moist the grass verge is. Talking about that, look at what the irresponsible, doofus people left behind after the fireworks extravanganza is over.

Pretty disgusting huh? In full glory of all the tourists and whoever the STB is trying so hard to impress. You think Singapore is very clean? That's because we have have people to do just that- cleaning, I mean. I tell you, unless Singaporeans learn to clean up after themselves, the S'pore govt. can kiss our clean-and-green-assimage goodbye. Really.

And about the fireworks, I heard that the one by the Singapore team on Tuesday was the best. I do admit that after seeing the one on National Day, this one by Team France seems pretty mediocre. Bah.

But I still love the finale.

*forget the volume. there's NO sound.*

Trivia: Do you know that amidst the "Wahhh...!" of all the spectators who were in awe, in the background you can still hear the frightened cries and screams of kids who were terrified of all the booming noises and sudden bright lights in the dark, dark sky. Poor kids. If they knew what apocalypse is....

PS: I got 2 other videos of the fireworks. Drop me a msg if you wanna see them.

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