Sunday, August 27, 2006

hero the movie

hero by zhang yimou

hey, anybody watched this movie on Ch. U just now?

Wah, I tell you- at the end of the movie, I end up being more muddled than at the start.

The breathtaking cinematography is definitely Christopher Doyle's signature style. And the storyline... *sigh* I guess that's the kinda' impact arty-farty movies tend to have on certain individuals.

The initial plot ended so early into the movie that I figured out that there's more to it than it meets the eye.

The storylines were actually set in layers. Each layer depicted by different colours. Interesting huh?

And Zhang Ziyi had a small but crucial role, nevertheless (you think she can get away playing a measly supporting role??). The first layer override the other but the others evntually overlap and form the rest of the story.

The last layer was represented by the colour white. White means death. White means a new beginning. Nice touch.

I chose to try and comprehend the story as the credits rolled and I sustain a headache now. All that "Why this, why that?" Aiyoh!

It's amazing I didn't choose to take up literature back in school. Could have aced it.

I would love to know what actually happen during Qin Shihuang's regime. I totally sucked in history so I guess I never really found out. Geez.

Nobody can carry a pan-face better than Jet Li, huh? What's his name in that story? 'Nameless'? More like, 'Expressionless'. I love Maggie's & Tony's acting, though. Superb.

You think Quentin Tarantino watched this?

Just another baseless entry. Bah.

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