Friday, August 26, 2005

till' the weekend

till' the weekend comes by....

I know I've never been a good blogger (ie. one that updates regularly) but I do feel distressed, knowing that I've not been able to update WHEN I HAVE TONS OF THINGS TO SAY AND I'M GONNA FORGET EVERYTHING BY THE TIME I EVENTUALLY UPDATE.

Sorry bout' that. Having a (very) short memory span sucks and I'm relying heavily on the random photos taken of the activities that I wanna blog about' to remind me of what went on, then.

I still can't update yet cos' I'm currently at work and stealing time to keep awake at my desk. It's Friday for goodness sake!

Besides, my Indonesian relative has been bunking over at my place since she's on vacation and chilling before she sourced for a job after graduating a month back. Believe me, playing host is not easy, if not tiring.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed having her around but changes have to be made to my attitude in MY OWN house in her presence and I can never get used to that.

Oh, did I mention the accent I'm spouting because I regularly conversed with her and getting hooked on the diverse vocabulary I never knew existed (and ignorantly assumed to be similar to our Malay) and that I'm (very much) into the band, PeterPan rite' now?

Don't even accuse me of being cheesy cos' I'm gonna get all defensive and say that they play good music and that Ariel, the frontman is really talented, having composed all the songs himself.

Damn, I sure am gonna miss her after she leave tomorrow.....

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