Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Jeepers Creepers!

You ppl have a look at this....

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Is that supposedly creepy or what?! It's located at the 7th floor @ Plaza Singapura (where the movie theatres are). The FEMALE toilet to be exact. Those who have been there knows what the toilet layout is like. There are 2 different passages for the cubicles and at the end of one of those, is THAT.

Yep, the ghostly image (apparition??!) from the upcoming horror movie:

Call it a promotion gimmick but they have the audacity to attempt to scare the ladies?! I'm not talking bout' myself here but you and I know that there are ladies out there that are pretty weak-hearted/willed and should they enter the toilet alone (esp. at nite) and saw THAT, smack at the end of the secluded cubicle passage, how do you think they feel and will react?

Geez, when I hurriedly looked for an empty cubicle and saw THAT, I was like, "What the...?!"

Oh, here's the promotional poster for that movie. It's local, by the way.
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