Thursday, August 11, 2005



(Should have updated this yesterday, but... nevermind)

Imagine sharing the same birthday as your country. But my uncle's definitely older. Heh.
The celebration was pretty fun. With my 2 favourite cousins and loads of kids around...why not?

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LOCATION: Hajah Maimunah Restaurant @ Joo Chiat Road (my uncle totally dig their food...Who doesn't??)
NUMBER OF PPL: 18 (big family, even then NOT all are present)
NUMBER OF TABLES: 3 (one long stretch!)
MENU: Tahu telor, sotong goreng, ayam panggang, Ikan bakar, Lemak siput, sup buntut (ekor) and lalab (salad) ~ ALL x 3 sets!
ADDITION: 1 (big!) birthday cake.
PRICE: Dunno. My mum 'handled' the payment.... Heh.
After which, the 'senior citizens' aside, we, the 'younger generation' braved the hot, hot afternoon sun and immense crowd-all the while standing from 5pm all the way till' almost 9pm and eventually got crushed adrift in the sea of humans inside the Citilink Mall......

Sigh....All that ruckus and exhaustion.... However.... THIS >>>
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>>>makes it all worth it...... Be-yoo-tiful, just beautiful....

Singapore sure know how to celebrate it's 40th birthday in style... There are altogether 3 SETS of fireworks display from 4 DIFFERENT corners.

I almost went bonkers trying to snap the pics. You know how digicam nightmode is like. No shaky-hands and it takes longer to process. Then there's my cousins who went crazy:
COUSIN 1: That side! That side nice! (Points to point A)
...I start to turn to point A
COUSIN 2: No! That one nicer! (Points to point C)
...was about to turn to point C......
COUSINS 1 & 2: That one! That one the nicest!! Quick!!! (points to point B)


PS: I know this is crazy but all the while, when I was there, I thought, "I bet the rating for 'Shooting Stars' must be pretty low today, considering nearly 1/2 of Singapore is here to see the fireworks..." Heh.


minerva said...

Heya, Bayya!
Like Ur New template - White & uber-cool!

Sorry, had to try twice to post on ur tagboard..
Hope U've been doing fine.
Best wishes to all at home & Happy B'day to Ur Uncle (& the Nation too, of course)!

Take care & Wishes always, Minerva*

CT bAyYa said...

oops, sorry I overlooked ur comment. Thanks. Gonna use different colour with every different template I create.

Take care, ok?