Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Another reunion.

When was the last time we met? April, you say?
*counts fingers*
guys! it took us FOUR freakin' months to meet-up!

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(L-R) Meng, Khama, Kai, Bas, Fendi & Shasha (his daughter), Yanie (his wifey)

After some last-minute planning and decision-making, I was VERY surprised to see that the WHOLE bunch actually made it for this meet-up. Kudos to K@i for all his effort in contacting us all and eventually bringin' us together. Oh, not forgeting B@s who suggested this thing in the first place.


I just made my presence known, aside from bringing one 1/2 of the transportation mode. Rite...?

Met up with Khamz and then fetched Fendi & family in Woodlands before heading for East Coast Lagoon F.C (food ctr NOT football club). Yeah, I know. The distance, my gosh! I think I had covered 1/2 of Singapore's perimeter, just by driving that distance. Wonder how much the taxi fare may cost....

Driving back, it was vice versa. K@i send Fendi & family back while I drove Meng & Bas back to western S'pore. Seriously, guys. One of you westerners better get a car soon!

After dropping Meng off, Bas remarked that he wanna chill first. We decided on McD West Coast Park (open 24hrs). Kinda' cool place. McCafe & McD. Relaxed crowd. No signs of boisterous teens trying to make it 'cool' their way.

GET THIS: It's almost 1am early MONDAY morning and I; having to work LATER ON, was chillin' with:
A guy who's clearing his leave b4 he O.R.D
a guy on his day off.
....Just who am I kidding? The Monday isn't just going to be blue. It's gonna be BLACK, I tell you! Sheesh!

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2 (very) eligible bachelors. Bas & Khamz. Any takers?
They are so gonna kick my a** for this....

Btw, what happened on the way when sending Bas home was pretty hilarious (if not grave). Something involving a long stretch of straight road, a rather big bump hump, some G-force AND an unexpected POLICE road-block. Geez!

So guys, pardon me for saying this but, will the next time we meet-up be a break-fast session this coming Ramadhan? Considering the (obvious) pattern of a few months between each meet... I'm not surprised if this may be true, after all.

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