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I know that I may come across as pretty back-dated but despite having JUST watched SePet on VCD (finally!) I am am still going to gush bout' this Malay-movie-with-a-difference. It's a kinda' arty-farty movie, actually. Comes across as borderline obscene by the Malaysian censorship-board standard (it's seriously harmless!)

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Oh, did I mention the numerous awards it received?

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Would love to drop some comments but realized that others have reflected similar opinions bout' the movie. Just drop by IMDb for the justified reviews....

Anyway, I had planned to watched the VCD alone, before I sleep yesterday night. Somehow, a companion came in the form of my brother, who was curious as to what my muffled giggling was about (the movie DO have funny parts, ok?). He watched the movie ALL THE WAY.

"Have to watch the ending," he said. Yeah, rite! You like the movie, say lah. Don't deny! It's not like I'm going to tell everyone you watched a teenage romance movie...! (I sense some kinda' irony here...)
"Anyway, dude!" I replied. "This kinda' arty movie always have bizarre ending. Almost disappointing to some. Be prepared."

Not surprisingly, I got so traumatised by the ending (or the lack of) that I had trouble sleeping long after the credits rolled. I remembered asking my bro, before hitting the sack:
ME: What's the time now?
BRO: 0145am. Go sleep. You gotta' work tomorrow.

Later on, I remembered jumping up and dashed to my bro's room. He was in the toilet. I shouted outside the door.
ME: Dude! I figured it out! He didn't die! He survived, that's why he can answer the fone!
HIM (from inside the loo): No, I think it was a passer-by who answered. Couldn't be him. (Pause) You mean you didn't sleep cos' you're thinking bout' the ending...?

It was 0230am.

Later on, when I almost dozed off, my bro came up to me.
HIM: Eh, I think maybe it was Ah-Keong who answered. I think, Ah-Keong said he will acccompany him to see her.
ME (groggily): Huh? You mean all this while, in the loo, you were wondering about the ending too? (snickers)

And I conclude:
Overall, the movie is nice. Way beyond my expectations. My only pet peeve was the ending.

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