Tuesday, August 02, 2005

3 of us

3 of us
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Ain (Caca)

Finally managed to meet up with this July-baby. Considering it's still July, I assume that it's still ok to 'celebrate' her birthday.

Considering she was pretty late (1 1/2 hrs to be exact), I took the opprtunity to SHOP. Oh, THAT dreaded word. Can't help it, lah. I was already at the heart or Orchard Road (Wisma/Taka) and it doesn't take long for my mood to kick in.

I still can't believe that I was part of the ruckus inside Charles & Keith, which was filled to the brim with women, young and old alike. Geez, in other days, I would have avoided such scenes like a plague.

Anyway, upon her arrival, we hurried to have lunch (hungry, liao. it's already 4pm, imagine!) at BREEKS! The menu items were pretty dismal. Not much variety.

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Pardon the pics, taken with fone cam & resized. That's Caca/Ain.

Before this, I had asked a favour of my fren (who's at home) to book some movie tix. Met Suzy (moi cousin) after that. She wanna return my camera so I asked her along to catch the movie together. And so these 3 scaredy-cats watched the Jap horror movie, Red Candy. Ain was the one who suggested watching a horror movie and yet she is the one who refused to watch the scary bits. Geez!

My worries about meeting my cousin with my fren around, were unfounded. Both, being the jovial sort, hit it off pretty well. Hardly any awkward moments. Phew!

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