Monday, January 17, 2005

This is one movie where I would like to give a perfect 10

This movie will make a tear-jerker out of you. Trust me. I swear the guys in that theatre were dabbing their eyes that day (no wonder most of them came alone...)

The story is peppered with contradictions that are so well-pieced that it didn't come off as confusing at all.

The actors were so darn good it felt like I'm watching a documentary of Ramon Sampedro's life on big screen. In fact, I heared that this movie is Belen Rueda's film debut! Amazing!

And the cinematography...Wow!

It was simply breathtaking. In fact, great cinematographies are what draw me to foreign/art films in the first place and this movie is no exception.

You will be absorbed into the immense beauty of the rugged Spanish countryside of Coruna. I was blown-away! Gorgeous scenery complimented with this really melodic tune in the background.... I half-wished that I'm watching this in the Omni-Theatre instead.

All the way to the end, I was wondering; "Who the heck is the director? He's awesome!"
Checked the credits: Alejandro Amenabar. Now, where have I heard of that name. Suspiciously familiar.....
Outside, I saw this on the promotional poster:"From the director of The Others.."
Aaaahh...Sohhhh. That explains it. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Hey, wait. He's only 32!


I would also like to thank Roxywahine, a fellow blogger for recommending me to her sis, Valarina who in turn informed me bout' the MPH warehouse sale last weekend.

The books are super-dooper-dirt cheap! $5/= per book?! I almost broke my back browsing through them books on the floor!

Lord of the Rings also $5/=! The 3 series @ $10/+???!

I think I got the only copy of Chuck Palahniuk's Diary: A Novel (finally finished reading his collection of novels!). And also Lorenzo Carcaterra's Street Boys. Both of which I've reserved 3x respectively@ the NLB but never bothered to pick up. Only managed to pile up the service charges.

And the newer one by Andrew Neidermann.

Oh, did I mention that Dan Brown's Angels & Demons is super-awesome??!

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