Thursday, January 27, 2005

It's not common for me to gripe around but... Has the weather been terribly hot or what?!

The pain in my head says it all.... Horri-gible!

It starts with this slight throbbing on the left side. I made a turn for the worst when a double-decker bus practically screeched in front of me. Ugh! The noise! The pain!

Imagine a drumbeat playing in constant motion. Dub Dub Dub... Then the player decides to play faster and faster. Somehow with the screech of the bus, the player goes at full force - In Your Ears. Aiyoh!

By the time I reached home, I have this big, fat headache sitting in my head, ready to metamorphize itself into a full-blown migraine. Worse, I felt really really flushed like I'm having a fever. Everything I touch takes in my warmth. In the shower, I felt the floor beneath my feet heating up.

Somehow, when I checked my temperature, it was a mere 36.8 deg/c. Not that I am some hypochondriac but when your internal system starts messing up, there is a cause for worry, isn't there?

Maybe it's due to the fact that last week, my work schedule was super-hectic. Deadlines after deadlines and yet, this week has taken a slooowwww start.

Adapt, baby. Adapt!

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