Sunday, January 23, 2005

Aidil Adha this year was pretty simple. It has always been simple. Spritually, it should be more significant but somehow Aidil Fitri is more exuberantly celebrated. Tsk tsk.

My bro gotta work. Darn him! So our family was a mere 3-man squad. My vocation? What else? Off with the pointy-heels! It's bare-footed driving the whole day. Sheesh!

1st Stop: My nenek's @ Clementi.

2nd Stop: My Atok's @ Bedok

3rd Stop: My aunts' @ Jurong

Here, I would like to thank those involved in that surprise bash for... well, ermm... the surprise. I was actually sitting in front of the cake the whole time! Thank goodness my curiousity never get the better of me to peek inside the box or the plan wouldn't have worked, eh?

To think that I did wonder why there were so many kids at that moment out of a sudden. From my little cousins to my nephews & nieces. My elder cousin was struggling to take a video on my cam and that gave this ever jovial uncle of mine the opportunity to make the kids sing "Allah Selamatkan Kamu" (inst. of the usual b'dae song, they deem this one more appropriate because of the nature of the Holy Day) kind of like, erm, 4 times???

It was so cute! The kids were eyeing the ultra-chocolatey M&Ms-topped cake and are willing to do anything. Kesian pulak. I sure felt like one helluva' kindergarten teacher. Aghast!

Another cute thing. As soon as they had their cake - Poof! All disappeared. Like they had actually gotten what they came for.

I can't thank my aunt enough, the aspiring confectioner that she is. Despite being an amateur, her breads, bun & cakes are irresistable! Power!

Let the snapshots do the talking.... Aidil Adha '05 pics

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