Sunday, January 09, 2005


The day was pretty hectic, to start with. My parents actually issued the weekend coupon cos' we'll be leaving early that day. Hey it's quite precious, ok. $20 just to drive out a few hours early that Sat... Hmmpf!

Dropped my bro off at his workplace before having a quick brunch at this coffee shop near Al-Iman kindergarten @ Tampines. My mum punya pandai, beli barang kat Aminah Siregar nye kedai, chat with her w/o realizing who she is. Only when she read the business card, then she realized her blunder. Ha ha. Kinda' funny actually.

Then it's off to Bukit Batok & Woodlands to visit her old-time pals, whom she had not met up for almost 20 yrs. Whoa! I was still a toddler when they last met!

When it started to rain pretty heavily, I tot' of giving the class BBQ (SP-DAT 03/04 Grad 2002) at East Coast a miss. Besides, I was still stuck in Woodlands with my mum & her pals still deep in conversation. You know, when mums meet....

Niwae, one of my mates, Bas decided that it's wise that we just proceed to the BBQ. Besides, the rain kinda' stopped. God knows, when it will be the next time where the whole bunch of us can meet again. Almost all the guys have ORDed and will step into the hectic working environment or wil be furthering their education (esp. overseas).

Da' guys.... Check out their bods. Once scrawny; now all buffed up. Swoon-worthy???

I spent that nite zipping from ECP to Bedok like 3x?! Fetched Bas on my way there. Then fetch Kai. Then rush home to send me mum to work and top-up petrol. To send the guys to the train station, I asked Kai to do it. Too shagged! Then to home. Not before dropping Lixian off at the taxi stand and Roy to Hougang. Then Kai @ Kembangan before Home Sweet Home!

Us gals. There should be more than this but I guess they have something on... That's me(e' dark horse), Lixian, Vien & Liyun.

We played this silly game that required a lot of simple memory power. Not surprisingly, my memory was such a failure. My hapless/pathetic self (complete with the ultimate ditzy-looking-blank-look) just wagged my finger at that fella' who easily sabohed me with that much better memory power of his. Yikes! Frankly, the seemingly harmless game comes off as pretty scary. Me & my poor memory. Sigh....

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