Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hey, wanna see something interesting....?

That's the bloom of a tumeric plant. Back in the kampung days, it's hard to spot the flower of this plant because of it's camouflaging nature. What's the big deal, you asked? Do you how rare it is to see a blooming tumeric plant?

It's kinda' rare so a visiting relating was amazed to see the bloom in a potted plant. She said that back in the kampung, when someone's tumeric plant actually blooms, ppls will come digging around or under the plant, looking for hidden gems. Absurd? Hey, there's no smoke w/o fire. Something must have made them believe such myth.

My dad actually dared me to sit beside the bloom overnight, asking me to see for myself the 'visiting guardian' of the rare bloom. Maybe he's joking but I've heard ppl telling something bout' the bloom having a 'guardian'.

Maybe I should peep thru the hole in my door to see what's outside. Wait ah....

... Eh, nothing leh. And it's already 1+ am. Shucks...!

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