Friday, May 01, 2009

something from a recent bbq

What does this look like to you...?

crispy on the outside, soft & chewy inside.

ouwh, look at that!

Nothing does it for me like bbq-ed marshmallows... mmmmm.....!

that and also chocolate fudge birthday cakes

Cakes are just soooo overrated nowdays, aren't they? They make you really excited, always in anticipation.

And yet, after the first bite, you felt like you've had enough.

(burnt) bbq chicken wings

It's amazing that these wings taste different when bbq-ed at social gatherings. You can have the same marinade and all but only at such gathering do these chicken taste really good, albeit a little undercooked.

Those manning the grill should undergo a crash course by Robert Rainford, sometime. But then again, to be able to have the option of having yours charred at the edges, that beats everything. EVERYTHING.

Carcinogens notwithstanding.

Oh, I love family barbecues....

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